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    Meta is bullshit, you have Heroes that are way stronger than others.

    Maybe suffle patch everygame so you Will Be suprised which Heroes Will Be strongest.

    Jack Attack

      Yes, my strongest heroes even outside of patch I can probably always hold a 51% winrate. But let's be real. We are all in search of the hero that will win 60% and more. So is the pursuit of meta.


        just spam io

        Crimson Sky >1<

          In high level dota then meta matters. In Normal skill like me and you play it is hardly important. Having good knowledge of a couple of heroes even if they are not in the meta, will give you a far better chance to win than picking Io or Naix if you never played them before.

          The reason meta heroes are meta is because the small changes that happen are maximised by the top players, in our level it doesn't really matter cos we don't really play any hero to its full potential or even close :D


            @ crimson sky
            then why meta heroes, have good winrates in low brackets too??? with ur logic any hero with high pickrate must have high winrate aswell
            but numbers telling us sth else :)


              ^he's got a point tho, high skilled players are the one who found and adapt to the meta. And we just copying their meta playstyle (i.e. ls with midas radi or ck offlane is so strong rn). It does matter on lower skilled bracket but the lack of understanding of the game makes the meta unoptimized and often got rekt by hero spammer even though they didnt follow the meta

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              نجمة دوتة

                remove s v e n


                  ^ its sad to knowing my favorite hero finally viable after being shit for years but icefrog made him too OP so people want him being shit again

                  نجمة دوتة

                    sven being a big dick carry with 1500 damage crit cleaves is fun

                    sven as a 2s stun on a stick with 2000 hp and prenerf lycan howl + drum active as a spell is awful

                    Crimson Sky >1<

                      @ Kowareta

                      I see what you mean I guess the meta builds filter down to the lower levels (I myself use builds that I see on high rank players). I guess for super popular heroes like Pudge / PA etc so many people play them the WR is bound to be close to 50% right?

                      Also what I meant really was in top tier games the result of 15 movement speed buff will be strongly felt and could influence the game deciding teamfight. In 2k games a win or loss could be decided by someone not defending their bottom raxx or diving in 1vs5 or building mjollnir first item on Luna or battlefury doom :D

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                        @Crimson Sky >1<
                        can u stop make things complex? if newton thinked about bla bla bla he never conclude F=ma, and physics never reached this far!
                        just keep things simple!

                        its just about numbers, yes of course ur knowledge have impact in ur winning too, but is there anyway to measure that? i think brackets do it fine. right? its the simplest way, if u are in a bracket , u probably have same knowledge compare to them!

                        so if ppl have same base knowledge, team with high winrate heroes have more chance to win the game! simple!

                        its not about +5 ms bs or +15 ms sven, its just numbers, u dont need to think about reason, u use them to pick a hero for ur self, after u picked that , now u look for reasons, whats made this hero strong!

                        of course skill matters, for example i played sf on my 2k smurf, i won the game cause i have higher knowledge than them, im not even playing mid or sf on my main ! but that game wasnt one sided at all, they had chance to win, i miss played some times, but if i play beastmaster on that account, there is no chance for them to win the game , cause hero is very strong!

                        anyway if u have higher knowledge, hero with higher winrate gives u more power to use that knowledge!

                        Marko Bulat

                          You are wrong and heres why, one of the top reason Jug, for example, is in meta right know because he farms very fast, his BAT is simply too good and retard friendly that my mother can last hit with him, if you take something that farm slower, assuming you and jugger are in same bracket on same skill level, he will outfarm you, meaning you will lose the match becuase he does more damage than you!

                          That makes jug meta carry and your whatever pick shit! That is meta, [M]ost [E]ffective [T]actic [A]vailable!

                          To put it simply like this, if you pick non meta shit, and your opponents from same bracket pick meta shit, you are making game harder for no reason.

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                            Pick dazzle mid for maximum farm efficiency.


                              OP is Asshole! =D


                                disagree marko. in all but the top bracket, the edge available from mastering a hero is much greater than the edge available from picking a meta hero. you doing really gain any significant edge from picking meta sub-Immortal apart from having a team that starts the game with a mutual understanding and hasn't already given up.

                                this excludes edge cases of truly broken heroes or truly trash tier ones.

                                Crack a Bottle

                                  tbh I've lost twice in a row to pudge and won with a slark who rushed midas into aghs
                                  there's no meta