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    just in case you missed it
    Civilization VI is free on steam for 2 days

    Marko Bulat

      Holy shit like for real? Thanks man always wanted to try it, but when i saw reviews i was like fuck it. Im huge fan of Civ games, their only flaw is you gotta wait for all DLC to come out and then you can buy it on playable state with all addons on steam sale.

      Shitty mobile steam doesn't tell me anything can i check it somehow?

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        i love gamign

        Potato Marshal

          Even with the new expansion, there's barely the same amount of content as CIV5 after both its expansions. District idea is nice, didn't feel like you were encouraged to horde buildings in the capital anymore. Nice changes like rebalancing builders into expendable units so you don't have like 9 idle workers in the late game when you've built all your railroads and tile improvements.

          Civic system is an interesting split from the old tech tree, but kinda gets tedious shuffling around cards for minimal bonuses. Eureka and inspirations always rewards more careful planning but I can also see how people can consider it more tedious micromanaging. Factions feel a lot less diverse though in my opinion.

          Civ6 kinda gets a lot of undeserved flack, but you're better off getting Civ5 with both its expansions if you haven't played that yet.


            I prefer Civ 4 it is the best civ so far

            Marko Bulat

              ^I liked only colonization addon for childhood memories, with everything else i agree with Potato Marshall, civ 6 doesn't have a fraction of content civ 5 has and AI is actually more retarded which i cant believe because in civ 5 is beyond garbage so how do you go beyond that?

              Midnight Special

                lol at people who install computer games


                  Thanks a lot captain! :happy:

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                    Tempting but need to resist


                      spyware lol

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                      Crimson Sky >1<

                        I'm stupid. But does this means it's free to keep, or free only for 2 days then I can't play it for free after that?

                        Potato Marshal

                          Trial period, meaning the game is free for that period, then your license will expire afterwards. Game will still be in your library with all your saves and everything, but you can't play it till you buy it.