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    I'm a graduating student who are must likely to fail because of the dopamine telling me to skipped school and play some dotes ..
    any hobby to recommend ? so that I distract myself from playing for at least 3 months?


      Make yourself go to a library and work there free of distractions. That helps me a lot because I dont have much self control either. I usually leave my phone in my room and hide away in the library with some books and a notepad and study lol


        I've read the library is good in the other thread but the library here is like a haunted building


          Do you skip a whole day of class? then thats a problem. I also skip class, but only 1-2 classes sometimes.

          Marko Bulat

            Hey man if you need somebody else to tell you to get your priorities straight, its not gonna end well. Its like those people coming here asking how to get VHS, we can help them as much as we can help you, because you need to help yourself.

            Can't Kill the Dead

              Be mindful about things you do.


                Just think about the parents who brought u up . They dont want u wasting time on a fucking online game . Do something productive atleast to balance out ur uselessness . They caused u to become who u are . Now its time to repay it by something , which is if u are a student , studying . This life is a harder game then dota kid .


                  Secondly ,make some top student ur friend , in the long term u will automatically start studying and become responsible , or that topper will become a shit like u xD . 50 - 50


                    Just think you are working for the game 4head


                      Is this a SEA thing? I can't imagine people skipping days and days of school to play dota in Europe.


                        this is a thread i made a few years back
                        i actually failed and some people here helped like stent
                        the main things i did to help me study are
                        1) stop experimenting
                        i tried alot of study methods only to find none of them are mine
                        once i went back to good old go to college sleep in lecture go back home learn everything by myself my grades went back up
                        basically what worked once should work twice (most of the time)
                        2)make friends with people who get good marks and copy what they do
                        cookie kept telling us to watch what pro players do and imitate it even if we dont understand it
                        so i did it irl
                        3) fail
                        if nothing works
                        just fail..unless there are huge consequences
                        once you fail you realize how shitty it feels and you start working just to avoid being in that situation ever again
                        so if you're young and have the chance to risk failing
                        then don't stress yourself....just think of it as an opportunity to learn what it feels like to be a failure
                        it's not the best solution...but it is a solution
                        p.s. don't fail intentionally you fucking retard *no offense*
                        4)try timed games
                        one thing that helped me was games that had rounds or levels that end in like 20 mins max
                        i would study for 40 minutes and play 20 minutes
                        i can't recommend games for you because it can be any single player game
                        5)try concentration music
                        i don't know if these are for real...but even if they're not they have like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
                        a placebo effect where they work because you think they work
                        just try studying with these playing in your headphones ( and see what happens
                        6) the old switcheroo
                        instead of trying to limit playing games to a certain number of hours
                        try setting a number of study hours that you need to achieve every day
                        for me its 6 hours
                        but these have to be a full 6 hours
                        like set a timer and if you go eat or drink or whatever you have to stop the timer and when you come back restart the timer
                        at the end of the day when you are tired and want to sleep
                        when you look back to the timer and see that you only studied 4 hours in a full day
                        you should feel bad...probably
                        that's all i can give you....probably


                          Just make sure you study when you need to. I skipped almost all my classes for 4 years and did fine. Not saying you can do the same. But you gotta work hard when it matters. Stop being a god damn and go to the library


                            whats so hard about gettting priorities straight and cutting off time




                                I skipped whole day class today , I can't help it I feel bad for myself and for my parents... maybe I should just commit sudoku


                                  yeah maybe you should


                                    Well perhaps u should realise that the dopamine you get from playing video games isnt as good as the feeling you would get from attending class and succeeding :3


                                      Stop using your computer for a while. It's hard at first but at some point you feel much better


                                        Fuck I just watch the TI8 truesight .fuck this


                                          "i KnOw AbOuT dOpAmInE iSsA mAkE uOy HaPpY"


                                            gonna go with do something productive but i'm just a spoiled brat with nothing good to do


                                              and also other reason why I skipped class coz I'm getting stress out of all the work like we will have 2 Defense next week and we need to conduct our research ASAP