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Deviant back


    Deviant back


      Deviant back

        I abandoned 1 match due to electricity issues in our city

        All you have to do is get commends


          good but nothing changed, i prefer low score btw, cause normal players sucks !


            i went from 9700 to 5500 in a week

            Jack Attack

              I've never stopped below 10k.


                So the takeaway is a lifetime in valve time is 10 games?

                Marko Bulat

                  You give that stupid behavior score too much power, i have friends who are 5k and friends who are 10k, all get retards, all lose games, their winrate has nothing to do with behavior score.


                    it is marko, i had C or below due to abandon, and its just unplayable, in ranked role our support started to put sentries in our camps cause we didnt pushed tower when he made the call xD
                    but higher than that it doesnt matter, i even prefer C+, i have very ez games when i have 5k!

                    Marko Bulat

                      ^Thats actualy solid way to move your cores from being useless in the jungle and actualy make them do something productive on the map


                        or make them afk in base :)