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Anyone started playing back in 2004? in General Discussion
15 year dota veteran

    Did anyone here started playing dota in the clan TDA, Icefrog era? I am a 15 year dota veteran since 2004 and I was in the same clan as Icefrog (the creator of dota). I am surprised by the skills set of new generation dota players nowadays with their improper builds and incorrect perception of the game. We played much harder back in the days, and people now just play for stats, ranks, mmrs and all that crap. Also, I am getting tired of playing with random pubs that are uncompetitive and are completely clueless about the game. If there are any good players here that would like to improve their gaming to the next level, msg me. I will teach you the best builds, strategies, and even knowledge and explanations of in-game events. And dont ask me about my MMR or stats, cause as i stated above, i dont play for that stuff, and I have been playing with random pubs by myself which makes it a bit difficult to climb up the ranks due to players that are resistant to advice, and cant follow orders. Too many people throw too and easily give-up in random pubs, as soon as the game gets difficult. I feel that I can help a lot of players here that would like to learn more about the game and take their skill-sets to the next level. It will be hard, but it pays off at the end and you will thank me. If anyone here wants to link up, my dota name is Dota legend since 2004 and my friend id is 530 959 92. I play in US east. Hit me up if you're interested.


      Midnight Special

        it is true if you say so

        sunt zeu

          hi im a fellow dota legend too from the era of icefrog (creator of dota). i was a member of the bdg clan (big dick gnag clan). i added u to play!1

          Holt & Blitz

            real men only bought s&y and battlefury back in the day. we didnt have these pesky glimmer capes and force staffs to save our asses.

            15 year dota veteran

              perdita, nobody buys sange and yasha anymore because the new generation players doesnt realize the importance of speed specially if you're a carry in the game. Some people get all dmg items, but dont have the speed to properly distribute those damage.

              Midnight Special

                can i add OP too?

                15 year dota veteran

                  For sure, if anyone is interested in playing with me feel free to add. I only play in US east though.


                    Ah yes the 15 year gaurdian 1 dota veteran whose first game was a 2015 lion game where they build a crystalis. Seems very legit.


                      dude can u just tell me ur trolling ?? can u ?? i cant believe what im watching :/
                      what is this build on doom??
                      dudeeeee plz tell me u are trolling, im so sad now, so sad

                      Crimson Sky >1<

                        Lmfao that doom build like the complete set of items you never buy :D made my day.

                        Also don't think rushing aghs on jugg is good. Maybe build that SnY you was on about ;)

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                          how u can laugh at that build when u already know the guy play dota for many years ? its fun to me when i know he was trolling the game or sth! its just sooooooooooo sad!

                          Crimson Sky >1<

                            haha your posts crack me up man

                            dmt abuser

                              Mi dora toe legendos too m8 since 9/11 . Used 2 bee same clan as frozentoad but mr toad always kick me out of lobby cuz mi never download latest maps. I tell him "pls no kick w8 mi download pinish" but he no listen. So i play battle tank map so k00l n g00d


                                i been playing dota for about a month(in the sense that i know what im doing) and im higher rank than him
                                but that doesnt mean anything because clearly if you play for stats ur shit at the game like he says
                                did u know topson is really bad because he never had the chance to "truly" play the game like this dude



                                  Like n0tail once said, everything can w0rk


                                  Marko Bulat

                                    ^Thats the most retarded build for Luna i have ever seen in my life.


                                      the 15 year gaurdian 1 dota veteran whose first game was a 2015, i played ES support and build DAGON

                                      Very legit!

                                      add this guy for TI9.


                                        haha omg im born in 2004!! wat a coincidences.

                                        ur parents r siblings

                                          OMG ur a god

                                          damn retard REEE


                                            did you coach liquid in ti7 ?! Are you the famous 1k mmr coach that taught Kuroky how to draft??

                                            Midnight Special

                                              why no one shows some love and respect for dota-veteran?