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How do you deal with visage? in General Discussion

    Hero seems pretty insane atm I know pre-six he's not all that effective but man once he gets 6 one bad fight and you've lost two towers. Do you look to delay games or are there specific hero counters because he seems to rofl stomp games currently?


      i didnt playagainst him in a long time but just not lose lane and then try dodge him until you have silver edge, and then kill him in fights using the silver edge if possible. at least i think that's how id be playing it.
      so i guess, natural silver edge carriers as well as heroes who can get through his passive relatively easily.

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        he's really momentum based, fuck his laning stage before lvl 6
        also picking tanky heroes and buying things like crimson guard help


          Winter wyvern works well to counter from support position. Can solo kill him if in position

          Ritsu x boni = 0 IQ

            Isnt as good as he used to be a few patches ago.

            Templar, kunkka, meepo, tiny are his worst nightmares at mid


              1.kill his birds
              2.pick veno
              pick any hero that can mid(visage is ass at laning)

              mute all

                visage is very weak before lvl 6 and 1 small item..u should punish that by picking strong laning hero..such as kunkka,medussa,huskar,and tiny


                  my bad i should have been a little more specific since i predominantly play offlane. what heroes can deal with him from that position tiny seems ok, since the many instances of avalanche should break his cloak in theory and tree grab's cleave can help with the birds. I heard bristle is ok if since can stack quill's fairly easily. Heroes sitting at a 56% win rate and has ridiculous winrates across all brackets like 67% in crusader.


                    most of the tanky offlaners

                    underlord tide bristle

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                      Axe offlane Is my worst nightmare as visage I'm literally not allowed to show until he jumps in on 1 of my teammates.


                        Draft an offlane hero who is a naturally build crimson guard like Bristleback.
                        Pick rubick and max his fadebolt to really cripple visage's bird damage.
                        And also, those who destroy or dominate jungle creep or build Midas like Lifestealer, Enchantress, Chen, and Invoker can soft counter visage since most of the time, visage builds helm of dominator.

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                          viper is a good hero against visage as well, not naturally an offlaner but against some matchups it works and nether toxin and ult will shred through him.