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    win 9/10 calibrate 4650 divine 1 i think that is the max for dota+
    easy af.

    Midnight Special

      4999 is max, not sure why u didnt get that number, perhaps 10/10 would give it instead


        iirc back when normal ranked had 4999 max if you started first game above it the system would drastically drop you the 2nd game.

        so for you to get 4999 you'd need to start at less than that.


          Can I get Ancient + medal guys?

          < blank obama >

            did u calibrate from ranked roles?


              Cookie, actually it used to be a 4999 cap, but if in your 1st game, your rating was anything above 4200, it would cap your 2nd game at 4200. (Basically, a soft cap)
              You essentially have 9 games to climb from 4200 to 4999 after that. Reasonably, you could reach 4.7-4.8 in the calibration games fairly easily.

              Idk how Dota plus works now, but smurfing without plus is pretty much dead.


                DO i need dotaplus?


                  can u give some advice on how to improve my play, thanks


                    4.5k divine 1


                      Whats ur main?


                        ancient 2 my main. im creating new account to practice

                        The Self-

                          well max is 4999.but wp

                          Budget M

                            i created a new account with good standing but why am i in normal skill bracket... i got 10matches already..


                              wat is your main mmr


                                did you play normal ranked or ranked role?


                                  i played rank role .


                                    If i subscribe to dota plus and play ranked roles during my calibration, can i calibrate to ancient or higher with this skill bracket? Asking


                                      what's the possible MMR if you play is High skill and you play rankedmatch roles?


                                        look at ming high skill


                                          just subscribe to dota plus it will give you high calibration than a none subscriber smurf

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                                            did u bought dota plus before playing calibration rank?


                                              did you use dota pluss?

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                                                hey can anyone tell me how end co-op botmatch fast? @the self tell me how did u do it end match 00:00:00

                                                The Self-

                                                  < blank > go 5 man party find bot matches.pick heroes then dc fast w8 for 3 mins