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    is 3500 MAX CALIBRATION cap?

    YES,except if you use dotaplus(ranked roles) which is probably 0k-5k or 0k-4k,my 5,5 friend got 3999 so it might be 0k-4k
    update: dotaplus doesnt work anymore and it'll give u 3500 mmr
    how to get VHS?

    just get 3800 mmr level srsly vhs is trash it doesnt really matter
    if you cant get 3800 mmr it means you just arent skillful enough,go practice more
    for reference
    below 3k=normal skill
    3k-3,8=high skill
    does BOT COOP counts on your matches?

    YES,do with 5 man and discconect(dont abandon) after picking a hero for faster efficiency
    you can use this for getting 100 matches fast for new id(took 3-5 hours) or getting your behavior score from F to NORMAL again
    you need like 30~ matches of normal/turbo to calibrate your skill level before can play ranked,and rest bots
    how to do : get 5 man party,queue bot match unfair-everybody disconnects after picking a hero/random(dont abandon)-wait 2-3mins-done
    is spamming a hero with below 60% WINRATE good? (its okay to use questions like this and below for making new threads though)

    NO,you need to get 60%+ winrate if you want to get those juicy mmrs FAST,70-80% winrate preffered

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      how to GITGUD? how to watch replays?

      here's some basic guide

      wat are you struggling at?

      do you know how to use creep aggro? (section 4)


      farming?(do 1vs0 hit creeps lobby)

      doing smokeganks?
      push lane,put a smoke on your inventory always,after your core gets a strong item smoke together aftre you saw someone,put ward while you do smoke at enemy jungle and let the one who has a stun goes 1st

      watch high people replays,youtube,see wat they do
      at early fights,hitting people with rightclick after your stun spell is really good

      at lanes,play with the jungle and try to hit people from trees if you support range. if melee try to learn to lasthit by not standing close to a creep,but far away and then move and then hit and go away again(so not get harrased)
      at fights,if you support just cast a spell and run away( go back) immediately
      if you stuff that has dagger like enigma/axe you wait enemy for clump up,stay very very far away from the fight(dont get hit)
      if you initiating a gank,and enemy is gonna die anyway after you blink+stun get away from that place immediately
      if you carry/mid,wait enemy casts their stuns on your friends unless you have bkb and you can rambo
      after bkb duration almost out,go run away and wait your friends get stunned then u go
      if you pushing,if carry hit tower
      support no need hit tower,you can either be in front of the tower and try zone enemy or usually the better one,be in really behind of your carry and cover with stuns
      if you offlane like tide u go front of barracks or at barracks,no need hit tower so your carry is safe

      itembuilds? hero mastery? specific role/laning skill?
      watch replays (example link if you want to learn wk)
      (or, watch replay of high mmr player playing the hero you want to learn,play the hero alot)
      don't get hit by a creep,buy alot of consumables like salve/clarity/mango

      raising mmr?
      check the meta,learn op heroes,watch the replays of those op heroes,spam a hero
      check behavior score,if not normal raise it to normal
      developer 1
      dota_game_account_cilent debug
      type that on console dota2

      so,er for watching replays
      for example your last game is wk
      and you want to know wat the hell you do wrong
      check the one where it goes the same lane as you

      go to view match-copy match id-watch-replays-search match id-download

      if download isnt working,library steam-dota2-properties-check integrity game cache to fix it

      or go

      those all references for self practice i guess,practice wat you love/feel bad at first so you have more fun

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        tell me if you got more,ill edit and add it


          How about how to not get tilted in Dotes :-).
          Answer: Uninstall Dota 2 and your steam thats all :-D.

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            dont really have an answer for that,you got any?


              How to get gf

              Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                If Einstein is so smart, how come he is dead?


                  how to be not alive?


                    why gondar the best hero in doto?


                      be gud lookin

                      einstein die because he stupid(duh)

                      go kys

                      gondar voice is good


                        How to not get matched with smurfs and boosters , when u are 1 game away from ranking up, Also how to not get matched with a straightup fuckin divine 4 , 1 game away from ranking up
                        This shit happened with me xD

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                          How about how to be a smartass like einstein :-_)?


                            How to convince Icefrog to give a balance patch?


                              If you want to become a really good mid check out Sumail's replays and how he destroys morons during the laning stage

                              فوط اولويز الترا

                                Please pin this mods i beg

                                Bosnian Blade

                                  how ro get vhs on first game ?

                                  < blank >

                                    HOW TO LC WOODS ? Hahahaha


                                      THIS SHOULD BE PINNED. PLEASE.


                                        im ok if the mods want to make their formal version of this and pin them


                                          are u a girl or guy?


                                            i monster

                                            Fuck Va.lve

                                              saw your post very useful
                                              i have problem i hope u can help me
                                              i am trying my best (90%times) to gain mmr but no matter what i do i am geting noobs
                                              i know sound so tipical but hear me put
                                              first i got from F bs to C but since then
                                              no matter what most of my games i lose before gmae even game start
                                              i started to play sup since no one pick sup in this rank
                                              but still ppl fight over mid and one of then end up feeding cuz other guy did't gave up mid lane
                                              best bs i got to C+ so fast but after that more than 6 times i got all green stats like 10-25 commends and less than 5 reports for like 4 week and it did't change from C+ to anything above
                                              and mm is worst than D and F here
                                              i am getting SAME gerfing guy 2-3-4 games in ROW
                                              and enemy team get gerfer like 50 games once
                                              after all i have no clue how to get out of this
                                              i mean it is like a swamp harder i try deeper i get
                                              can u help me out?

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                                              فوط اولويز الترا

                                                you can easily identify if a dota player is a girl or a guy from hero pool

                                                فوط اولويز الترا

                                                  ^^ i wonder how you ended up with f behaviour score :thinking:


                                                    how u indentify someone from hero pool

                                                    i cant accept your freq for some reason

                                                    if your behavior score is low,you will get matched with same people with high chances i think,since people on F behavior score is just small population
                                                    can't help you much on that,either you try to stop trashtalking everyone when they feeding(and be nice) or just up your bh score again
                                                    not a support player btw,cant give u tips on sp ing

                                                    also,this probably is irrelevant but maybe change ur name and picture to a nicer one,maybe it made someone triggered and they report u or something lol

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                                                    فوط اولويز الترا

                                                      3 or 4 female carry heroes in hero pool + archon 2 = wemen 100% of the time
                                                      100 games of supporting with cm and dazzle with someone playing jugger in party = wemen


                                                        how to cure cancer




                                                            I feel the incel vibe. Go watch some anime.


                                                              Feach what's this "disconnect but don't abandon" thing for bot games? You disconnect but you can't rejoin another game directly so what's the point -- or am I totally missing this?


                                                                wat is incel
                                                                i read mango only

                                                                if u 5 man dc on bot games,game will be over in 2 mins and it will be counted on your match(only bot co-op)
                                                                just dont abandon


                                                                  Ok makes more sense. Haven't 5 man boosted anything since they removed battle boosters.


                                                                    wat u mean by battle booster


                                                                      Yes 100% confirm that OP legitimately gives good advise, i bought acc from him..


                                                                        are u wemen?




                                                                            Isn't HS 3200-3800 and normal under 3200


                                                                              not sure,is it 3200? ill change it
                                                                              i remember it was below 3k


                                                                                but are you a girl tho?


                                                                                  i monster

                                                                                  ur parents r siblings

                                                                                    Recommend me a gud manga pl0x?


                                                                                      He's a boy you needy fucks, focus on the value he's giving instead of asking the gender to jerk off the screen. Dog society.


                                                                                        what genre you love?


                                                                                          i like berserk, zetman, and ubel blyat

                                                                                          joan elise

                                                                                            more common questions:

                                                                                            how much mmr
                                                                                            what race is huskar
                                                                                            what is elder titan holding
                                                                                            is wisp real
                                                                                            why do people pick venomancer
                                                                                            what happened to batrider
                                                                                            5k mmr on EU west = ??? on India server
                                                                                            when is dota 2 coming out on console
                                                                                            is the dota anime any good


                                                                                              1 mmr is 0.001 dollar
                                                                                              huskar is blue troll
                                                                                              elder titan is holding idk
                                                                                              wisp is real
                                                                                              veno is fun actually before they nerf dagger to 15s
                                                                                              batrider seems already run out of oil for fire
                                                                                              idk probably same divine 1
                                                                                              200 year

                                                                                              ur parents r siblings

                                                                                                I like manga with a good story? And preferably not trash mc xD


                                                                                                  i honestly love anything but
                                                                                                  the promised neverland is good
                                                                                                  kaguya doesnt want is funny comedy
                                                                                                  kengan asura is fun fighting stuff
                                                                                                  goblin slayer is also good too

                                                                                                  cant rly give u much without any genre request lol,dont even remember what i read since i read alot,those onl ycome to mind

                                                                                                  joan elise