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OD is playable... in General Discussion

    only in turbo. Please bring him back to meta! (make orb to cost less mana or increase his attack range)


      ps also change his Aganim Scepter: it is shit now

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        aghs effect is something that really looks like it should become a talent instead

        an aghs could make his orb go through bkb perhaps?

        though that could be broken


          ^the only thing aganim has to do is to decrease the ult cooldown, just like void aganim. It is not imba but so much better than this crap with prisons


            Base rework, his passive activatea when any enemy hero is near ( idk 2000?).

            Aghanim scepter rework: his second skill, prison, its an istant spell that imprison 2 random heroes in his range and amplies prison by 300%.
            ( can target invisible heroes?)
            Or 2 charges of ulti 😂

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            Lifestealer is idiot proof

              New aghs:
              Essence aura now restores hp as well

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                Essence aura now restores hp as well

                Meanwhile OD bristle combo has 90% winrate

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                My ping is higher than my...

                  Oh God no please


                    OD takes a long time to get online in normal games. So bald la.

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                      ^how about Io OD :thinking:

                      But the whole game you'll be thinking "why didn't I pick gyro instead"