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General Discussionhow to be better invoker?

how to be better invoker? in General Discussion
Cripple Ninja

      get better


        its just normal skill. this kind of results is to be expected if u are a decent invoker player. u shld try playing against higher skilled players

        Story Time

          invokers are always trash in my bracket

          Digital Jesus [eXceL]

            32% invoker win rate coming to brag? Please

            Story Time

              im bad invoker


              32% invoker win rate coming to brag?

              bragging these days...

              Smile Protector

                I should start bragging how I have like 4k games on this account alone, and have managed to evade getting even remotely good at the game.


                  I wish I was good at invoke, but I literally do not have the brain copacity to remember the cool down of spells, tornado lift times and such.