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    Okay... So I've never calibrated low or owned a low MMR account.

    I made a 100$ bet with a friend (Herald) that I can go 100-0 ; his claim is that lower MMR games are 50/50 winrate no matter how skilled you are.

    I need to either calibrate a low MMR acc really fast - or a kind soul gifts me one, because my friend won't let me use his (maybe he's afraid of 20% winrate at Legend rank).

    Tips or help much appreciated !


      ez mony


        100-0 in how many games?

        100 games after calibration 100-0?

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          I can get you an account with 800 mmr but lower than that is very hard to come by xd


            ^a solution: entrust the calibration to your grandma and then you get sub 500 mmr account


              That's pretty much what I did (gave it to my friend who has a skill level of 100 mmr)


                Vandal wasn’t that just you? :kappa:

                Whilst you’re totally right here KingY; 100-0 is a huge statement. I doubt you’ll do that but you’ll probably manage 95-98 wins.

                There really are some games that are unwinnable in solo queue (not nearly as much as the whiners claim)


                  haha KingY wanna makes us believe that he has friends and not the total autist as we used to think about him


                    impossible because reddit will make 10 posts about it and get the account banned


                      i dont think its possible to go 100-0 if you meet international courier destroyer


                        Yeah 100 games 100-0 u will lose your bet

                        Say good bye to 100$

                        There will come games where all your team mates leave and u will be 1 vs 5


                          100-0 is possible in ranked with role if you play mid i think
                          But there is so much randomness in soloQ.
                          You can never tell someone is gonna feed/abandon.


                            100-0 is a joke dude the percentage of success will be like having another 9/11 tomorrow.


                              depens on where you start really.
                              Brood every game from 0 mmr is a joke.

                              Smile Protector

                                i dont think its possible to go 100-0 if you meet international courier destroyer

                                In really low MMR it's possible. You don't have a courier and enemy has the gold advantage but knows nothing about how to exploit it.

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                                Bacon & eggs with coffee

                                  too many smurfs in the low mmr range will make 100 0 difficult.


                                    Impossible, you will get qued vs some boosters,smurfs etc several times and thats enough to lose couple of games, so bet is gone...

                                    Other times someone is gonna rage quit and your team will leave the game resulting in 1v5.

                                    Theres just too many stuff that can go wrong thus 100% wr is very unlikely but you can try and gloriously fail :D

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                                      wat if yu meet smurf and international courier destroyer?


                                        Are u still accepting bets? This seems good for betting :D


                                          the only problem u will face is smurf and ruiner , also dont forget ur internet connection

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                                            i dont think its possible to go 100-0 if you meet international courier destroyer


                                            m1x One

                                              i have 500 solo mmr guys :)


                                                lend me ur acc m1x One... plz

                                                7.21 testing

                                                  Hey Kingy , I know ur pretty good n all.
                                                  But here is a question for you -
                                                  What do you think is the % that you will meet a booster in opposite team going mid meepo(last pick) and having an abandoner(poor net in low mmr notuncomman man) and/or a griefer ragekid in your team in those 100 games?

                                                  If you think the percentage is absolute zero here is my extra 2 cents for you.


                                                    Yeah might happen. Fair chance I lose at least one. Either way the point is to show him the static 50/50 is bullshit.