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    People with more than 50% ratio of playing supports, I truly appreciate you people, thank you for existing in this community. Thank you for playing this role in the game. Our plays in the game may not be the most flashiest or the most eye catching KDA but you people still play the role. Thank you <3


      I only do it because i find farming whole game boring and tedious...

      Tho it sucks when your team decides to go super late game and you just walk around the map refreshing wards because showing on lane alone = instant death.

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      Midnight Special

        is it a support player showing gratitude to sup players?


          You're welcome :)


            thx :).

            If i play core i am just insta tilted after 10 min because of the supports i have. Better do it myself.

            Recently i played some games on my smurf as carry. I just dont get how people can have fun playing pos 1, when your supp just afks in lane stealing xp, contest you in cs, pushes the lane, doesnt pull or harass. Honestly so much easier to have impact as pos 5,4 in such bracket. Mid of course is even better but you have to get it first.

            Potato PC

              checking profile
              99% support
              um, thanks


                I enjoy supporting because I do not possess the quick reflexes to play core embers/invokers etc./ Huskar LS armlet toggling
                I enjoy supporting because many times I've avoided the team tilting by playing pos 5
                I enjoy supporting because hitting creeps for 20 minutes isn't fun.

                thank you oP?

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                  are you thanking yourself then?


                    3 years suporting

                    You are welcome :P

                    Perpetual State of Indiff...

                      Stop the circlejerk. Everybody is 3/4/5 players these days in my games


                        You are welcome :D

                        优 Ukhtea 美

                          you're Welcome

                          Tonitrus(turbo player)

                            You are very much welcome sir. Feel free to suck my dick ;)


                              you're welcome