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Sickest talent that shouldn't exist in General Discussion
Weebs with few screws loose

    Zeus lvl 25 talent +170 arc dmg
    SF lvl 25 talent 40% cd reduction
    Oracle lvl 15 talent +150 cast range
    Spectre lvl 20 talent +500 health
    Riki lvl 20 talent +900 blink cast range
    MK lvl 15 talent +75 jingu dmg

    Those talents need to be reworked seriously, especially Zeus. I dont mind getting nimbus and die, but I cant stand zeus spamming 315 dmg area every 1 scnd while trying to get 3rd tower. Even pipe and bkb wont help since there is just too much damage and BKB is temporary.

    What other talent should be changed in your mind?

    Saya Tidak Takut, Hadapi ...

      if a zeus is lvl 25 and can hit you with his arc 5 times, you or your team is noob enough to not able to jump and kill him.
      you deserve the lose.

      Sartin Mcorsese

        Those wide aoe talents are so cancer. Shoutout to Riki monkey king and void


          Only the spectre hp talent

          Thara Ak-Var

            That mk talent sucks


              phoenix egg hp talent in some games is op


                lich and aa 25 are pretty broken

                ًٌٌٌٍٍْْْMR. PoopyButWhol...

                  Picking these only shows ure weakness 40% cd sf is op but 25% sniper at lvl 10 and 50% drow is fine let me try

                  Fucking death prophet 25 exorcism grants fucking hast
                  +420 gpm literally feed and get item
                  Permanent primal spirits
                  75% spell amp so u can one shot roshan
                  Not to mention u put 75 jingu damage while we have 12% one punch man and 250/251 damage

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                    60% exp gain at level 15 is massive, but only warlocks level 20 talents are good, his level 25 are among the most useless level 25 in the game. Either your enemy is able to deal with 3-4 golems at level 25 or they aren’t. Carries deal so much damage at that point that golems are easy for them to destroy regardless of if they have a bit of extra armour or not.

                    Should be something to buff his upheaval (bigger aoe etc) and some other choice like a gpm talent or useful buff to golem like longer initial stun or golems explode and aoe stun on death or something like that.


                      A lot of carry cann't deal at all with the golem (especially after an exhausting teamfight),

                      and the magic immunity just mean they cann't even be backed up by support's disable (if they somehow survived the double chaotic offering + fatal bound).

                      remember, those are the stats of a lvl 3 golem :
                      3000 hp, 75reg, 12 armor (4800 fehp + 120 /sec) , 196 physical dps (50 of those being aoe), 70 magical dps
                      To put it in perspective, roshan's stats at 40 min games are:
                      10600 hp, 20 reg, 31 armor (27030 fehp + 51 /sec) , 122 physical dps (4 of those being the bash)

                      Let's say you have a slark 25 with 30 stack, skady echo sb bkb tread:
                      (we just check the dps) 259 as, 288 damage --> 608 dps )
                      // i do not account skady's slow in the incoming scenario, this case is just to show the relevance of golem vs roshan in a battle versus a strong hero at 40 min. \\

                      you need to take ~10 sec to kill a golem alone
                      you need to take ~55.6 sec to kill roshan (6.6 sec of bash on average

                      during that fight, roshan is making ~6800 fdp
                      during that figght, double golem are making ~ 5900 fdp and 2100 md

                      in that case, slark would have 37 armor, which is 65% physical reduction (and obviously still ~25% magic reduct)
                      rosh --> 2400 damage
                      golem --> 3600 damage
                      (rounded up for roshan, rounded down for golem)

                      so literally, golems are fucking strong if together. even more than roshan, and you have less opportunity to hp leech from them, or to simply reg, since they have less hp, and the fight last way less.
                      Btw, if warlock were to bb, and die to give a 3rd golem (or refresher/shard) (assuming they are all full life, the golem scenario would go to 7200).

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                          Ahhhhhh ! T'es rentré de vacances toi?


                            You're forgetting TB sunder talent. That shits ruthless.


                              The tombstone/ golem on death is also pretty overwhelming on a pos5 support

                              Weebs with few screws loose

                                Ah yes, I really forgot there are that 5 scnd sunder, 420 gpm, haste exorcism, 60% xp gain, but I think tomb on death talent is pretty fair considering how much bounty is a tombstone (200 gold). As for zeus case, the problem isnt how you let Zeus arc you solo. Zeus will spam arc from near their ancient and he definitely aware that he would be jumped, so he also warned his team to protect him. If I or my team somehow succeed jummping to get him, we would literally take 3-6 arcs before taking him down, and then, it is up. Those arc instant cast time allow zeus to instantly disable blink on the chosen first target..


                                  -7 second dopple

                                  +200 succhuci move speed

                                  +350 spark wraith talent
                                  (if you're still going for the lifesteal on arc, you're doing it wrong.. Learn to micro and press your E, They deal 630 damage each on a 3 second cooldown that give vision and can stack multiple)..
                                  Think about it like visable, Techies mines that have 2000 cast range, slow enemies on a 3(1.5 if you're using your double to spam aswell) second cooldown
                                  Thats a lvl 1 lion finger on each of them

                                  -Every XP talent


                                    @KingY, non je suis pas parti ^^ mais ma connection a pas le niveau; je pourrais rejouer à partir du 20 aout (ca sent le feeding intensif après 2 mois sans dota :p ).
                                    -btw faudra que tu refasses la demande d'ami discord, je suis sur un autre pc et j'avais enregistré mon compte avec une adresse bidon à la base // enfin même pas enregistré en faite, j'avais le message de vérif du mail en permanence :D //-. Tu dois pouvoir me trouver facilement sur celui de la frogged

                                    Edit: For the wraith spark, i kind of agree with you, when zet is played with activ's item. That wraith's talent is so strong, yet so underrated.
                                    But when you play him the greedy way daedalus/mkb/mjol/bkb/skady-hex-sb, that life leech is unvaluable.

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                                    Inactive player

                                      There was this twitch stream who used sven but had a hard time killing that warlock golem.

                                      Also zeus WILL get lvl 25 fast cuz or xp talent, op hero tbh, statistics say so and bulldog


                                        As a core kunkka player I will admit that getting +40 dmg at level 10 is a bit too strong early game.

                                        Inactive player

                                          Btw who gets the jingu damage talent nowadays? in pubs tree dance talent is much more efficient for going from camp to camp

                                          Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                            -Cancer Lancer lvl25 decrease dopelganger cd.

                                            -QoP lvl25 2.5sec scream of fear

                                            -Terrorblade lvl25 sunder talent cd decrease

                                            -LC lvl25 bonus duel damage


                                              Why riki talent is broken? I think its fair.

                                              Mode : TOPSON

                                                does anyone really prefer 500hp than 20%spectral dagger slow ??
                                                damn spec dagger slow talent is more broken IMO
                                                also 8% dispersion. buy tarras and the game basically over

                                                edit : there really someone who understimate warlock golem :thinking:
                                                all warlock talent is broken IMHO
                                                if u guys really want to climb mmr by playing supp
                                                i think warlock is the best right now

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                                                  bristle 25% spell lifesteal


                                                    Nature Prophet no cd teleport talent, how is that balance???

                                                    Tu tayta

                                                      Murranji still lives in the times when Warlock's golems had 2000 hp at most (and that was a No Aghanim's level 3 golem), their AoE attack had a 20% or so chance to proc, barely had armor and they didn't regenerate hp.

                                                      Suck my tiny curry dick

                                                        Murranji is trash. Dude only cries about bs when he does not get buffs. He knows nothing about any other heroes in the game.

                                                        Sorry grills, I'm gey ☺

                                                          aa lvl 25 talent and lich lvl 25 talent... so disgusting ,,ugh


                                                            @Happy Simple Life

                                                            Don't mention oracle , retardfrog may check this forum and shit on this hero.


                                                              Yo man wtf lich lv25 talent


                                                                Yes warlock is very op, spell immune 3k ehp 4 golems running at you is balanced?

                                                                Palmen aus Plastik

                                                                  invoker tornado? annoying as hell, isnt it?


                                                                    Duuuude thats how icefrog works, he makes everything imba to make the game balanced

                                                                    Good news everyone, I

                                                                      Chen - lvl 10

                                                                      +200 cast range

                                                                      Very underrated considering he can nuke for 544 pure damage with Penitence every 6 seconds.

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                                                                      Good news everyone, I

                                                                        Warlock - lvl 15

                                                                        +60% XP gain

                                                                        Why is mid warlock not a thing? Like, seriously, this guy has a 180 dmg nuke at level 1 and can gain levels crazy fast.

                                                                        too late

                                                                          Why should you run warlock mid if even as pos 5, he still devastating?

                                                                          QoP + Warlock feels better than Warlock + CM


                                                                            What about tb's reflection talent


                                                                              Fucking drow lvl 25 so broken af
                                                                              6 sec silence 12 sec hex 10 sec silver edge etc....

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