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General DiscussionAny harass tips for mid as Arc Warden?

Any harass tips for mid as Arc Warden? in General Discussion

    Hey. I play a lot, but am trying to learn how to out-harass heroes that can be outharassed.

    1. Do you try to kill ranged and harass with Q (this is pushing the lane).
    2. Do you do it between lanes mostly?
    3. Do you move the lane by aggro creeps to one side and harass from another?
    4. How do you stop harass of other aggressive heroes (qop, invoker)?


      As much as possible I try to keep the creeps close to my side of the river by always letting their melee creeps kill my ranged creep. If I have ult, I immediately kill the enemy ranged creep after killing mine. He's easily good as dead when he comes close with double flux. If he doesnt come close, I deny as much as I possibly can, prompting him to try and avoid getting denied in the next waves ,hopefully getting out of position for a kill.

      Or just placing a wraith right behind the melee creeps fighting after both ranged creeps die is already good.


        Hello fellow arc player.

        Ive played this hero for a while and these are what i usually do:
        -during early minutes you can harras almost any midlaner using your right click, because arc attack range is really far

        -only kill ranged creep if youre planning to kill the opposing mid

        -if youre only harrasing the enemy use flux when the enemy is far from their creeps

        -qop and voker armor and hp are really low, so hit them when they come inside your attack range

        -as for qop i think your attack range is a little bit further than her poison dagger, and its pretty predictable when she want to use it on you

        -prioritize on killing forge spirit first if voker use it cause it will be impossible to outlasthit and kill him when his forge spirit is still alive


          I have around 500+ games, so I understand the basic concepts (how to use flux, why not kill ranged creep, etc.). I typically attack others with last hits only until lvl 6, unless they just go out of position (stand in the river with no blink and space behind them that I close with a spark). I can't really do much with heroes that can blink out unless I have a good vision, but I hate to buy a ward on my own (it slows down my midas by 2-3 creeps). I try to keep their melee creeps next to my ranged, but if I try to harass, I have to move a lot missing lot of lasts hits and concentration to actually look at mini map. With some heroes I have to harass (kunkka, storm, sf) to ensure they can't easily get to lvl 6 before me. But with others its just really annoying its a trade of early midas (6-8th minute) vs early kills. With some heroes its not even an option. BS ignores all my harass and outfarms me easily.

          For me a heavy harass means slowed down midas, which is really annoying, cause I get more gold out of it than out of kills.

          With vokers, i tend to have no issues in my mmr (2.6-3K), but when facing a 6K invokers (or any other boosters/smurf heroes), they just out last hit me, drop the mana burn stuff when I'm around his creeps and killl me with asteroid, etc. I survive for some time until lvl 7-8 with good magnetics, but they just nuke me at lvl 8-9 when I'm still trying to save for midas walking into my magnetic when I only have 200-300 hp after their nuke and finish me. I have to buy a ton of regen to just stay next to creeps, dust to ensure I can hope to kill them, and do everything perfectly to just not die 5-6 times in 10 minutes. I sometimes just want to pick other ez heroes to show how annoying it is to stand vs your counter....

          Tonitrus(turbo player)

            Wait for cookie’s advise


              Filthy ass arc warden players smh


                @Dada, not sure why you're complaining. You're a meepo player. You should be happy.

                @Herald, I'd be happy to get his inputs.


                  i think cookie's arc warden guide will help u i'll message him to send the link here


                    I have it. Thanks!


             aight if u got this one i think it helps u with the harrass/cs thing at least

                      ambition and verve

                        How are u archon 2 after 500 arcwarden games lmao


                          probably he's being taught by doggs ^ cough


                            @`,`.[;]',エッチ - not sure, what's so bad. I'm in my mid 30s, so my general mechanics are not ideal. I didn't play any game for 3-4 years (was in the grad school and now in a crazy hours job), and before that I played some other moba. When I started playing arc, I was 2.2k mmr. Since my wr was 20%, I went down to 1.2K mmr. After 200 games, I started to get use to the hero, and slowly started to climb. About a month ago, I calibrated at guardian 5 (~1600 mmr). Now I've gained 1K mmr and my win rate didn't drop. I still win 60-70% of my games as an arc. Don't think its the worst possible result.

                            Also things to consider - I pick arc always, but its not always good. I'm also bad if I never played vs a specific hero (e.g., I played vs weaver yesterday and vs riki the day before) or if I get a lot of ganks, which is really heard to avoid as an arc. The hero is not meta hero also - unless I got something odd, my builds require 30 minutes of play to become viable, by when some games are over.


                              Seriously though, add cookie and watch his arc games, I learned a lot of stuff from him


                                inYourImmortalDream, I watched a ton of his games and read his guide from time to time. I like his builds. I also watch a lot of streams by Vaxa, and watch replays of top arc spammers.


                                  well i think all u need then is to obsorb the info little by little. if u really get why they do what they do and think the way they do, u're gonna play as good as them, so ur goal should be getting closer to their thought processes.