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Loli Abuser

    Hello. I am currently a Guardian 4 player in the SEA server. I prefer playing the support role, and I wish to focus more on the hero Pudge. Despite having a 100% winrate on the hero, I only played a total of 7 games with him, so I want to understand the hero more. I want to know stuff such as:
    1. Is it okay to first pick him, or is he a very situational hero
    2. How to be efficient and have gold for both items and wards, dust, etc.
    3. How to properly roam, when to roam
    4. Good heroes to pair with him, also heroes that counter him
    5. Core items, situational items (ex: is Blink Dagger truly a must have on him?)

    Before I focus on getting higher in rank, I'd like to first understand a hero's mechanics, as I am relatively new. I hope to hear from people who knows what exactly Pudge's use is (does not have to be professional, ofc. Very simple tips on Pudge would be greatly appreciated.)


      He is a first pick material hero
      Look at this match, this pudge won even though we had mega creeps

      Loli Abuser

        Thanks man. Much appreciated

        Gabba Gabba

          1 rule for pudge dont miss hooks...

          $25 for the tip pls

          Chess player now :D

            1. Yes
            2. Finding kills whenever you roam, otherwise you are missing exp and gold since u rarely cs with pudge for at least the first 15 minutes.
            3. You should know what heroes you can kill and what heroes you can't, like if there's an sf mid or an invoker mid, you can just run at them with level 2 rot on.
            4. Heroes with good lock down or slows are pretty good with pudge. If the enemy hero is not in the hookable range or creeps are covering the hook lane, you need one more hero to close the gap so that you can run a that hero and use rot to slow
            5. Getting urn and upgrading it to spirit vessel is always good, blink is pretty nice but not core, you can opt for force staff according to situation as well, as the game goes atos is super good on pudge as well as aether lens if the game is going nice. Hp is never an issue for a late game pudge since he has that level 25 talent so go for items that provide you armor like shivas or cuirass, also some items that can break Linken is always good on the hero. When taking level 20 talent to u have to consider your position in the game, if you are too poor that you can't even buy wards anymore get +180 gpm talent otherwise get cd reduction, plus 3 sec dismember is super good against heroes like storm and other heroes that have good escape, so consider the enemy cores before deciding level 25 talent. This is all I know from my experience playing pudge


              Pudge is the worst hero in dota and probably the only reason this game is still alive
              Pick him whenever you want, it will always be bad but there's a 100% chance that, if you don't pick pudge, someone will. So just play it yourself
              Pudge's only useful things: a skill that takes enemies out of position (hook) and a bkb-piercing disable, that's it, for every single one of these things there is a hero that does it better and more consistently but people just want to play pudge
              Hook is super easy to hit at early ranks and super easy to dodge at higher ranks, so you can get used to build items that will make sure hook hits, Atos, Blink. It will look pathetic at first but if you go up in mmr people just dodge hooks easily.
              You can be efficient by getting kills, assists, it's easy, one snif of Rot and you get some gold.
              Roaming is dead specially for a slow potato like Pudge, don't go out until you get boots or your lane is controlled
              Pudge isn't exceptional with any hero if I recall correctly...can be countered by Clockwerk, Rubick, Puck, Lifestealer but wards are way better. Pudge is not a hero that people try to counter, he is shit and will be in every game so...
              Blink is good but only if your team lacks initiation or really need that dismember through bkb. I think going for Atos, Force Staff, Pipe is way better, does so much more for your team. Get Blink eventually if you have the gold

              Chess player now :D
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                  ^^pudge is broken btw


                    buy battlefury.