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General DiscussionHow the hell do you counter aeon dick

How the hell do you counter aeon dick in General Discussion



      When it procs dispel it with nulifier

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        meteor hammer kappa

        Mode : TOPSON

          meteor hammer kappa


            What about this scenario:
            -I went to gank storm spirit using shadowblade
            -he got linken, aeon, euls
            -somehow i disabled his linken
            -i used orchid on him
            -i hold my nullifier so i could use it when his aeon popped
            -he used euls
            -he zipp away


              ^y that too it only dispelss when triggered and after they are imune to damage they can still be CCed hexed stuned silenced whatever

              Well for that storm you needed someone to cast hex as soon as aeons poped hex has instant abimation his ult has 0.2 sec cast animation. Its all about outplaying situation or who has faster fingers

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                You cant dispel aeon you baboons.


                  Y you can try in demo

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                    You can dispel aeon disk you baboons.


                      Delusional baboon.


                        Use any dispel.
                        But cmon dude, if they buy that item, they gonna waste one item slot, and it has a 2 minutes cd anyway. WHy don't you ask how to counter bkb as well ? If you think aeon disk is unbalanced, then think about how much of a game changer bkb can make. 4k dog


                          lol just disable them when they get the buff its much more practical


                            Purchase your own aeon disk so that you can be even with them.

                            Memes aside this item is really stupid, only way of making the totally ridiculous effect balanced is giving it a long-ass cooldown which is about as fun to play with/against as jamming a rod up your dick. Compare that to stuff like force staff, glimmer, ghost and euls which all have counterplay and situational usage compared to ''LUL disk popped im invincible".


                              @sixteen wow thats a harsh words coming from a normal skill bot playing smurf

                              Midnight Special

                                ^sixteen is a smurf of some divine player, not sure which one, but he stays in normal skill because he pressed "never played moba" when started the account. (This does not allow to put him in higher skills for first 100 games or so)


                                  only retards like sixteen do stuff like that. totally beyond me.


                                    @sixteen aeon disk is good against heroes that can disable you and kill you before you can click bkb. example : lion, shadow shaman , storm spirit. bkb is a game changer but aeon can make a hug difference too.


                                      Buy hex . Ez


                                        Euls. The cheapest dispel in the game


                                          when i play clinkz, i dispel them
                                          with nullifier. there was a video in youtube, go find it. you need to wait aeon to get trigger, then cast aeon disk.


                                            when did this game become 1v1 :thinking:


                                              i mean cast nullifier. you cannot counter aeon dick as posted in the subject line. probably u need pu**sy


                                                1 question boyz. why all of u write about w8 for aeon to pop then dispel it with nullifier? if u start with nullifier then aeon disk pop while in nullifier effect?

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                                                  Have a team that have area stun like jakiro or axe, if he can build 3 defensive items like that, his purpose is to disrupt team fights, dont waste ur time if you have shadow blade, build bkb, gank and kill his supports and carry instead while he zip zaps everywhere.
                                                  Only having single target stuns to fight him is hard, like rock paper scissors,
                                                  you're a scissor trying to beat rock, possible, not the best course of action.

                                                  Mean while I just watched a rank 1 immortal playing Storm ranked accidentally zipped into a jakiro ice path and dies instantly, and also a few minutes later got blinked by Pango SS from jungle fog, then chain stunned to death. (still win in the end tho)

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                                                    @storytime -- either you're a retard or you've never smurfed because what you said is total and utter bullshit.
                                                    Also @sixteen is a shit tier player from APM & various other stats. He's a 4k boy at best.

                                                    Abyss Watcher's Slave

                                                      Make him destry his item like ee


                                                        I got Aeon disc once and it felt completely useless cuz 2.5 Sec wasn't even enough.

                                                        But anyway relating to your scenario, you fucking hex that bitch ass storm after his euls. Simple.


                                                          But yea completely agree with Australian immortal. Some concepts are stupid when the only way to balance it is to increase the cool down. Like doom, or other op ultimates like spec haunt.


                                                            Storm is a hero you are not meant to catch alone in the late game... remember this is a team game, and if you are not doom or a hero with hard lockdown u cant kill him alone.


                                                              Are u playing clinkz?


                                                                @maydie you don't understand sarcasm Boi 😂