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    7.14 will comming at 26/4 and its likely to be Heroes changelog
    so what Buff/Nerf heroes or items you want to see?

    you can rant how bs of hero currently.

    For me is

    - Terrorblade [best carry atm]
    - Death Prophet [tone her drain abit]
    - Dragon knight [just minor nerf]
    - OmniKnight
    - Darkwillow [Really deserve nerf]
    - Razor [monor]
    - Riki [tune his ult down abit]

    - Meepo [adjust his talent]
    - Ursa
    - Sven [He seriously need some buff especially early game]
    - Wraith King [even with early push power comp still ignore him]
    - Alchemist
    - Windranger
    - alots : need some tweak for unpicked heroes

    for godsake I just want to see the upgrade of kaya or echo
    I know its unlikely now but Kaya&yasha&Sange [KYS] will be awesome and overpick

    so What you wish in 7.14

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    Potato Marshal

      Buff: heroes I play
      Nerf: everybody else


        Why would you nerf/buff those STR heroes when they're kinda balanced now with a few exceptions?
        Just shut them down early game and they become useless(except of a few dudes like UBERlord)
        I just want to see a nerf on visage


          I think buff sven’s base ms

          Kala the fish

            nerf underlord visage
            buff storm ta


              Vladmir's offering really needs buff.
              I feel icefrog will remove Magic Stick from sideshop.


                WK doesnt need any buffs at the moment he is cancerous enough already


                  Chaos Knight is outright OP. Just look at his winrate. I have seen CK beating even Sven. He needs nerds, not buff.

                  ADMIRAL SAKAZUKI

                    Add attack speed when warcry is active


                      Chaos Knight is outright OP. Just look at his winrate. I have seen CK beating even Sven. He needs nerds, not buff.

                      Agree... may be I used too bias to comp scene for reference


                        These threads are pointless, Icefrog only cares about tournaments and pro scene, so whatever is spammed there will get nerfs what ever is neglected will be buffed.


                          I would like some campaign like silthbreaker

                          Sophie Cookson

                            Yeah icefrog pls buff mya man sven i will suck your dicks for free

                            Sophie Cookson

                              More aspd when warcry active sounds good


                                i wish kaya yasha and sange is pronounced Kill your self


                                  Buff for Lich and PA I think would be good.


                                    Sven needs big buffs. He's probably the worst hero in the game rn. 290 base ms. Cant fight or push without ult. Cant even win a fight if the enemy team has a bkb piercing disable. Blink having 14 secs cd makes it almost impossible to go back into the fight if he has to use it defansively beforehand etc.

                                    TA is up there with sven as well. She gets picked now and then in the pro scene when it looks like the enemy team doesn't have the means to deal with her in lane/mid game but she still loses the game every time.

                                    I feel like the problem for both of those heroes is that their win condition is waaay too hard. They're usually considered as quite greedy cores who dont fight too much before they get their basic items+blink. But after that they need to get a few perfect fights, stay alive, take rosh, get bkb and try to end. Otherwise they lose because in the lategame they get outscaled by literally any core. Thats because they have to keep Boots+blink in their inventory at all times so they can effectively utilize only 4 itemslots (3 if they have aegis) which means they get maxed out 30-35 mins in but even at their peak they arent that strong

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                                    Potato Marshal

                                      Sven needs big buffs. He's probably the worst hero in the game rn.


                                        Techies needs more buffs, he is the worst hero atm


                                          @Potato at least supports wont rush brown boots aghs when they know alch is on their team :)


                                            @Umbranox I think Sven needs a new talent tree, current talents are so bad.. especially for 20, 25.


                                              imo icefrog dont rly listen complaining about that heroes are op blah blah. someheroes are still strong like clinkz drow and undying. pro players are human too they just cant play them or pick them properly imo.


                                                btw sny is very good item imo. hope icefrog dont nerf the item. literally every str agi cores buy this item except AM.

                                                ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                                                  Sven needs buff maybe a talent rework or sth like who would get a 0.75 stun duration at 25 faq is this icefrog?
                                                  alchemist needs buffs to his early game
                                                  wind and ember needs to stop getting buffs
                                                  more heroes are in need of aghanims
                                                  and remember this is dota not lol the only way to balance dota is to buff weak heroes not nerf the good ones


                                                    lul ppl saying sven needs buff lol. idk why icefrog doing this but guess sven players are cancerous as am invoker players :D

                                                    stand up against the chin...

                                                      i think these heroes legit need buffs right now: alchemist, bloodseeker, bristleback, dark seer, drow, lich, mirana, necro, silencer, slark, spectre, windranger


                                                        y i saw video some1 playing alche he seemed strong with his 8 sec cd 800 dmg concoction.

                                                        Chanandler Bong

                                                          I believe that a few things need to be adjusted.

                                                          Sunder talent needs to be removed on TB. the no mana cost is already nice, and the 6 sec cd just doesnt make sense anymore.

                                                          Pitlords firestorm needs to be nerfed for lategame (%based dmg down, but stronger for early maybe. might not be needed).

                                                          And bounty hunter needs a nerf. He has a pretty fucking high winrate in 5k+ with 21% pickrate. And gets banned vs proteams that have notorious bh players I.E. MiSERY etc

                                                          Oh, and make enfeeble purgeable ty ;)

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                                                          Jacky Mao's Son

                                                            Only two heroes I see from that list that would receive nerfs are Riki and Willow.


                                                              bounty hunter still need a nerf? its already hell enough with 150 manacost Shuriken toss, 65 mana windwalk and the stats rework, which reduces BH manapool and hitpoints. The one that make BH imba is his 315 ms, 6 armor, and 53 dmg without items


                                                                All RNG in the game removed forever
                                                                OD removed from the game
                                                                Pudge removed

                                                                Steve Trevor

                                                                  The worst carry was ursa,not sven my brother

                                                                  -sf ( to somebody who said he's balanced, u really an asshole)

                                                                  -centaur/slardar, ilike using them but centaur has poor armor and slardar poor ms and useless 3rd skill
                                                                  -any poor mid like ta,qop,lina


                                                                    I hope slack gets nerfed he's too op

                                                                    lone dog

                                                                      Have True From disjoint projectiles again and maybe give 20% mr on True Form active.
                                                                      Or make the lvl 15 left talent +15 armor instead of +10.


                                                                        XD, just wait for the next tournament then whatever heroes get the highest win rate and highest pick rate will get nerfed




                                                                          Base armor reduced by 1
                                                                          Rocket Barrage manacost from 90 to 100
                                                                          Flak Cannon radius from 1,250 to 650 - 850 - 1,050 - 1,250
                                                                          Flak Cannon manacost from 50 to 70/80/90/100
                                                                          Call Down cooldown from 55/50/45 seconds to 60 seconds
                                                                          Call Down slow no longer persists after spell immunity
                                                                          Call Down no longer provides 300 radius flying vision at the targeted area for 4 seconds upon cast.
                                                                          Level 10 talent from +25 damage to +20 damage
                                                                          Level 20 talent from -25 seconds Call Down cooldown to -40 seconds
                                                                          Level 20 talent from +50 movement speed to +40 movement speed


                                                                          Cloak and Dagger now has an active ability: Disable (mute) this ability for 5 seconds. 90/80/70/60 seconds cooldown


                                                                          Slaughtr Destny[0]

                                                                            - Make CM freeze the ground when she frost blasts, so she can slide faster over it
                                                                            - Extra astral damage of lane creeps for Elder Titan, so he can reliably mid again

                                                                            - Dragon Knight, remove OP passive regen and replace with something exciting
                                                                            - Riki ult, revert. Way too strong at the moment

                                                                            new map noob me

                                                                              - Meepo [adjust his talent]

                                                                              eat shit and die

                                                                              Rubick Fanboy

                                                                                Gyro doesn't need than many nerfs rofl


                                                                                  Who press the glyph forti.. thats all maters 😂😂

                                                                                  Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                                                    Instead pf buff/nerfs, please fix or add some new gameplay mechanics? Like

                                                                                    -An item that can mute passive.
                                                                                    -A new boots called 'Blink Boots'?
                                                                                    -Reworked Nullifier item requirements and stats bonuses. Its too damage oriented. Remember when Abyssal Blade is build like that that it became the new Divine Rapier late game? Change it so that a position 3 or support can build it.
                                                                                    -Reworked Javelin passive. Lower the damage but increase the proc rate.
                                                                                    -Automatic pause when someone disconnected.
                                                                                    -Utility items (items that are consumable. Like tp, manggo, tanggo, etc. Euls, diffusal are not utility items) can now be use even when in back pack. Twice cooldown penalty and no stat bonus applied though.
                                                                                    -Reduce sentry ward cost.
                                                                                    -No more orb walking. All auto cast are remove. Instead, if you click it, it became auto cast. Just like troll warlord melee/range mode. When you try to use OD arcane orb, when you press R, nothing happens; but all your attack becames automatically arcane orb. Other hero with orb attack skills cooldowns are removed (e.g. Viper)
                                                                                    -Backdoor protection should be a lot stronger. No more natures prophet or lone druid smacking your building through backdoor late game.
                                                                                    -Ursa fury swipe no longer works on roshan.
                                                                                    -Provide additional 4 new high ground ward spot.


                                                                                      ^some of the things u mentioned are useless like ursa fury no longer works on roshan, the ability to take roshan at 7 mins is ursa’s one and only advantage over others

                                                                                      Rubick Fanboy

                                                                                        wtf is ur orbwalking idea
                                                                                        r u fucking dumb
                                                                                        its what makes some heroes good in lane and its a completely unneeded change


                                                                                          I would love to see some nerfs to Shadow Fiend. He's not THAT strong, but I am bored of seeing him 50% of the games I play.


                                                                                            Item slot reworks.

                                                                                            Items now separated into 2 weapons/staff/tools 1 helmet 1 armor and 1 healing equipment and 1 pair of shoes as well as 6 slot of backpack to store unfinished items and consumables.

                                                                                            For carry example u can equip only helm of dominator on head, assault cuirras on body, battle fury and abbysal blade on two hands, magic wand in pocket and phase boots on your feet.

                                                                                            For support example u can only equip Hood of Defiance on head, Glimmer Cape on body, dagon and force staff at hand, spirit vessel on pocket and tranquill boots on foot.

                                                                                            This is to promote realism in dota 2

                                                                                            Potato PC

                                                                                              Buff :
                                                                                              - IO (better spirit range, better movement speed and reduced relocate cooldown)
                                                                                              - Tower team gold

                                                                                              Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                                                                wtf is ur orbwalking idea
                                                                                                r u fucking dumb
                                                                                                its what makes some heroes good in lane and its a completely unneeded change

                                                                                                When backpack was introduced, lot of people are tilted.
                                                                                                When 4 bounty rune is applied, lot of people are over reacting that the game became sucks.
                                                                                                When shrine was added, lot of people arguing its impossible to end the game early.

                                                                                                Orb walking can be abuse by skilled players, especially by some OD players. I remember one time when I played as a OD and I just manually quickcasting my Arcane Orb to sniper while tower diving and his tower ignored me the entire fight.

                                                                                                It can be dumb to you, but in my humble opinion, I think orb walking mechanics should be nerf.


                                                                                                  -map change (not tree added)
                                                                                                  -bounty give xp
                                                                                                  -bounty means a lot now
                                                                                                  -bottle buff
                                                                                                  -mek buff
                                                                                                  -arcanes reduce cost
                                                                                                  -guardians go to item for every defensive support now (cheaper/better)

                                                                                                  -riki nerf
                                                                                                  -dark willow nerf
                                                                                                  -these two heroes have so retarded ulti that you think icefrog really memes all the time,why not yet nerf riki,it cant be like that riki first in global winrate
                                                                                                  -literally unplayable

                                                                                                  -buff gameplay please
                                                                                                  Thanks and sory for bet engrish.


                                                                                                    We need new item that can steal enemy spell. Limit to 2 each team.


                                                                                                      Just Nerf zeus to the ground. He Is way too long over 55% winrate within top5.

                                                                                                      Buff medusa and alch to get them Closer to 50%. Small buff to Wind base dmg would be good. I like the changes to her mana but She needs more reliable dmg.