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Coach Steve

    Thank you Valve for getting my dota stuck everytime in the post game. i cannot report or commend any players and need to restart dota to make anything work.

    furthermore: any experienced super legit matchmaking? im getting player above my skill level (divine+) every freaking match -.-

    volvo, finally fix matchmaking!

    Zechs Merquise

      archon 3 does not match with Divine Players


        have you got the weekly claim reward?

        Jacky Mao's Son

          > Just because they added Dota Plus doesn't mean that the god fucking awful ranked system is fixed.
          > Yes my game was super buggy yesterday, not able to click on creeps/heroes, having it automatically click on places that I didn't even have my mouse near, that kinda thing.


            if you're getting matched with divines in ranked then just turn on ''Strict solo matchmaking'' in your options. if its in unranked then i guess you should just play on more populated servers during prime time

            Coach Steve

              ^i play in groups of 3 or 5, always not solo mmr^^

              ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                i don't believe that u could be matched vs divine in normal bracket + FUCK TEEN TITANS GO, TEEN TITANS ZE ORIGINAL MASTER RACE