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    Hi guys, is there someone who is willing to donate me a month of Dota Plus? Sadly i don't have a lot of money at the moment :( You will earn my eternal gratitude and we can play some games if you like!

    a god among feeders

      Yeah, wait a minute.

      Jacky Mao's Son

        It's $4..........

        Zechs Merquise

          i will buy you it if you respond


            Oh i am flattered by your proposal m'lady. No bigger prize than your gratitude and a couple of games with you. AdmiralFedora


              Guys come on don't be mean, I am just asking...Maybe someone has some extra money unlike me -.- And i didn't say that you have to play with me, just if you like to!

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                literally no one is going to just randomly give yoiu money. It's also only $4, if you really want it it should not be hard for you to come up with the funds.

                ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                  i mean come on even manual labor for just a day should give u 4$ in most of the world!
                  hell even begging will do in my country, well they make a lot more than some workers sadly.

                  Zechs Merquise

                    you guys are dumb as fuck i said I would buy you it what is so hard about that?

                    common pleb forum user spends his whole day on forum but doesnt know how to read and process comments


                      @lgman okay buy it for me!

                      Zechs Merquise

                        K add me. I'm at work. Ill be on tonight


                          thankyaw,i shall add you

                          SICKO MODE

                            Its actually dogshit.
                            The recommendations are stupid.
                            I cant even check hero stats now GGs


                              helooheloo @lgman or @lebron dota now
                              will you still give the dotoplus? or na?
                              destroy my expectation now if its nope