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    Recently in the ROG Dream League Lion was played a couple of times. Far be it from the wildly crazy competitiveness of the Legend class but suffice to say what I saw from talent selection was game breaking to say the least.

    For example in some games of [insert your pro player name here] picked for a level 15 talent +200 Finger of Death Damage. The Damage,even though it's only +200 it has made beautiful kills and one-finger-trick when Lion is level 15. And that hero is played as a Pos 4 or a Pos 5.

    How is this even a bad talent selection. If only you played lion as a position two,you can literally explode anyone with your spells at level 15 and rightclick them to death with your +75 Damage talent.

    Then again I still don't know much about Dota obviously having only 3 Wins on a party ranked match with the hero. Really I find it so underwhelming how he is played in the professional arena.

    Does anyone else think he should be played differently. I have my own builds I use for him but most every time I go 2null-phase-veil-kaya then right into a sceptre. Most games it works out. He hardly needs anything else to have a big impact on the game besides a bit of blink dagger and an aeon disk or some octarine core.

    I just really strongly feel that the quality and excitement of the professional games would be better served if somehow they could get a scepter into the hands of the Lion and relegate him to at least a position two. Yet most games I watch his finger is never useful since his levels and items are way too low to fight the other cores. I usually ran people from fog and combo them with my 1500+ damage combo and 6.6 second disable,or just simply veil+finger and giggle as you watch them type "ez,gg" where their hero simply can't do anything except dying. ( 28:42)

    But perhaps that is just the way the heavily practiced professional games go...

    Hatsune Miku



        im a lion player since my early days

        cant even tell what the other levle 15 talent is tbh. i always take the extra burst. that talent prevents you from falling off as hard as lion did before
        in stomps i like to buy aghs instead of defensive items to get even more finger dmg

        what "different playstyle" are you thinking off?
        lion can only do this one thing. blink in, disable, burst, get the fuck out, be annoying with mana drain, go back in
        you group up with a core at 10min and kill people. what else should this hero do?

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          beyond godlike on lion
          shows me as safelane core, because my carry blood went to jungle (could not handle the shaker) and i took the lane


            and, the other talent is teh GPM mate...


              uh right gpm talent at level 15...
              game shouldnt last much longer when the lion reached level 15 in a reasonable time


                spread the word! lion mid is no joke!

                Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                  Lion new meta build @ lvl15.
                  Pick +75 damage @ lvl10
                  Pick +200 finger damage @ lvl10

                  Mid lane for fast xp

                  Arcane Boots.
                  Mask of Madness

                  1. Vodoo the target
                  2. Attack for like 2 - 3 hits
                  3. Impale
                  4. Finger that shit
                  5. Activate Mask of Madness
                  6. ????
                  7. Profit. Ez +25


                    lion mid has never been a joke. but hes paper and falls off late.

                    i'd rather go mid sky, that dude can actually transition into a stupid rightclicker with orchid and maelstrom!


                      Lol stop the shippost

                      👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                        Why do you tie damagento position? A support can deal alot of damage, and a carry don't have to have the highest damage in the world, there are alot of aspects in dota and damage is not nearly everything

                        You are comparing the 200 damage fimger with a (late) gpm talent, so you need to consider that

                        200 finger of death damage is an additional burst damage on a reliable basis (at level 2 finger of death cd is good enough to make it a good pick off spell), so you basically add burst to the kit of a decent burst hero
                        Its either that, or a reliable although late way to scale better with gpm talent

                        Smile Protector

                          You have to be a Herald 2 to think this thread is serious.


                            Did you really type that much shit only to mock that Undying picker sarcastically?

                            👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                              You have to be a Herald 2 to think this thread is serious.

                              I am around that skill level, am I supposed to get offended?

                              I don't think there is any shame in that

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                              Rubick Fanboy

                                U mean herald 4 at 300 MMR


                                  @blurrybob i was bored and nothing to do so..forgive me

                                  @RPQ a level 10 lion deals 1800 damage with lvl 2 hex and finger + lvl 4 impale with some rightclicks! this is not a joke you fool,this is serious!

                                  @melt lvl 20 lion has a friggin 2800 hp though,definitely not a paper + long long long range too

                                  Paige 아연

                                    High Burst Nuker Vs. Late Game Support

                                    I perfer pick High burst Nuker because its more fun. Why do you guys play Dota without having fun?


                                      He need blink and eul to start moving actually

                                      carry water

                                        ask lone dog about my amazing mid lion

                                        Kishō Arima

                                          Get +200 FoD damage talent if you need to burst someone fast like Morph or Slark. Otherwise get the GPM talent so you can get your utility items fast (Force Staff, Glimmer, Euls)

                                          I cant see lion as a core as he falls really bad in mid game and theres alot of better burst cores that can outdo him (Morphling, Lina, Tinker)

                                          carry water

                                            the only good thing about mid lion is how impossible it is to play morp/slark/pa against

                                            carry water

                                              im sure the build is treads shadow blade then blink guys

                                              Lone Dog

                                                I can confirm his mid lion is good enough to make anyone want to run down mid.

                                                the only good thing about mid lion is how impossible it is to play morp/slark/pa against

                                                Impossible to play against anyone with brain cells* xd

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                                                Yikes Dawg

                                                  He’s the best disabler in the game. You run strong dual lanes and have lion rush blink.


                                                    Always go for + 200 finger rush.
                                                    Girls love it.