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General DiscussionWhat bad doto habits do you usually do and know?

What bad doto habits do you usually do and know? in General Discussion
Bad Intentions

    From your own honesty and perspective. We are not perfect but what are those things that usually caused you deaths, losses and other bad things in dotes? Kindly share your thoughts. Thanks


      pushing too long and dying, not checking items after awhile. forgetting about a key ability that a hero has. such as hook on pudge.

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        ^ I'm usually the one telling the team not to overextend after a push or winning a fight.

        Sometimes I get too focused on hero kills and rambo too much.


          Yolo when dominating.

          Too much sacrificial when supporting.I want to save the core but i cant so we die in 2.

          Map awareness in early stages when im core.

          Dota 4 dayz

            i cannot zone those aggresive offlaner as support


              Being hold back by teammates


                Holding back my team

                New Times

                  Teaming back my hold


                    Not checking minimal enough, not checking enemy items


                      Misclicked a creep while using ult,
                      Got totally tricked by illusion,
                      Jebaited by enemy who pretend to lag,
                      Wrong timing while casting spell,
                      Very impatient about cooldown lul

                      Wtf else?


                        I know someone who uses Tombstone as a ward.


                          ^200 IQ support lmao

                          Rubick Fanboy

                            shitting on people in lane and not doing anything with my lead or throwing it away

                            mode: bob

                              worst thing is when smebody has veyr bad in decidion making they pings to attack or pings to call help and when u are 100% sure its very wrong decidion and you will die but your human reflects seeks the call of help or ppl saying to atack.... and u fkng die
                              over and over again saying it next time i wont take thes bad decidions from teammates and work with myown only


                                When someone does something I think is OBVIOUSLY wrong, and I start to yell and flame them. To be fair, I only really freak out of its game-throwing tier stupid, but I still freak and tilt to unknown depths.

                                Other than that, I'd say dying the EXACT SAME WAY, twice in a row. As in, same lane, same hero combo BS. My last Pudge game, I died 3 times to a support Rubick and Doom - in the exact same fashion. I just barely show myself to Rubick, BAM, lift, stun, and Doom just walks with 100,000,000 move speed and hits me.


                                  Cant draft properly

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                                    Can’t draft improperly

                                    Jacky Mao's Son

                                      Prioritizing denies over last hits

                                      Searching Game Corginator

                                        Follow teammates decision when it should be reverted


                                          Picking Invoker.


                                            Pushing when it's only possible when 5 manning without checking if my teammates are doing the same


                                              and picking mid


                                                farming a lane alone without seeing enemies


                                                  not thinking about my actions LUL and how is the enemy going to respond to them.

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                                                  captain KEEL

                                                    Itemize incorrectly alot of times where I simply choose incorrectly between ghost force glimmer euls when it actually matters
                                                    checking items less than I should
                                                    I buy perseverance on undying


                                                      Try to deward when enemy play 5 cores


                                                        i miss my powerspikes when i play carry and dont join fights even when the game goes well.

                                                        👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                                                          Over aggressiveness, difficulty determining my power boundaries throughout the game

                                                          Overanalysing my enemies intentions (how many time I insisted that the damn NP was going offlane and my team told it was jungle, and it was jungle)

                                                          Prioritizing my team too much compared to my own hero, in respect to my position in said game. For example I play offlaner, and buys smokes and observers alot instead of waiting for the supports to buy it (its somewhat of an instinct i guess)

                                                          Underprioritizing farm in general, mostly because I find it boring and try to get away with being more active


                                                            Sometimes I get a gut feeling telling me: "I'm going to be gangbanged if I don't retreat in the next 5 seconds" or "There's a high chance that if I go for that low hp creep, at least 3 enemy heroes will jump out of nowhere and gangbang me". Then I say, "Fuck it, it's perfectly safe". Of course, I get gangbanged.

                                                            Fortunately, this seems to be happening far less often now.

                                                            New Times

                                                              Sometimes I try to save hopeless teammates and end up feeding with them. The thing itself is pretty retarded, doing it when playing pos 5 is retarded but at least shows you really care about your cores, but why the fuck did I do it like 3 times in my last Razor game trying to save my pos 4 and 5? Braindead

                                                              I'm really weak in the laning phase when I play core 'cause last hitting is a pain in the ass for me. I already suck at it 1v0, so imagine when the lane is being contested.

                                                              👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                                                                When you did it with razor there's another thing to the equation than just ypur priority- how in hell do you save a teammate with razor?

                                                                New Times

                                                                  ^But by going yolo and using every spell possible to kill the enemies before they killed my teammate of course. Why farm or push as pos 2 when you can go allah akbar vs 3 while being underfarmed? Have I already said braindead?


                                                                    getting triggered by "?" or "ez" when I can just mute them on start

                                                                    my shades dior, my pants ...

                                                                      bad map awareness first 5 mins
                                                                      not checking enemy items enough
                                                                      almost never checking scoreboard for enemy levels
                                                                      seeing enemies on map but not moving my camera there to see what they are doing, hp levels etc
                                                                      split push a bit too much (though I feel like a lot of the times this is how you destroy teams in my garbage bracket)

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                                                                      👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                                                                        not checking enemy items enough

                                                                        Damn, if that is one of your worst habits in dota you must be one of the best, since that's a very narrow quality, you either do it constantly or not, and even in the highest level of games alot of players doesn't do that

                                                                        So if this is really one of your WORST habits, means that by comparison you are amazing at everything else.


                                                                          Trying to save a teammate syndrome (getting better at walking away)
                                                                          Not taking enough farm as pos 5.
                                                                          poor last hitting ability as offlaner/ core. (nearly never play core, offlane quite often)
                                                                          Hard core tunnel vision in fights
                                                                          weak ass mechanical skills (slow reaction)


                                                                            If I am playing a early game hero for my respective position I try too hard to get kills and get under farmed . I just get anxious when I know the enemy team has better late game .


                                                                              ^^ I have that feeling too
                                                                              (used to buy like 2 obs and 4 sents to block all of AM's camps from min 16-24) before when it was possible to block all the camps.

                                                                              too many camps now. I can block some, but not all

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                                                                                Killing the enemy and then not doing something that gives as advantage, dewarding.

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                                                                                  Checking any items regularly is a very common habit to have esp if u play at higher levels. The fact u can get by without checking it just tells u that u can do a lot to still win a game of Dota.


                                                                                    Not knowing what is happening in teamfights

                                                                                    i cant win

                                                                                      if I'm playing axe, i try too hard to run at the enemy safelane even if its 2 ranged heroes and i die like 3 times as a result

                                                                                      jungling is not a viable ...

                                                                                        Trying to be greedy and maximize my BKB and end up activating it as an escape because I got chain stunned


                                                                                          Thinking LC pos 4 is viable


                                                                                            Split pushing without warning the team. Team fight 4 vs 5 and get massacred.