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General Discussion7.07c tonight?

7.07c tonight? in General Discussion

    Is it coming soon?


      Why would it come soon when there's no huge unbalanced heros yet


        Ranked season 1 starts.


          just an update man 7.07c means balances and changes


            They could go for mild rebalancing right now, hence ranked season starts.
            It would make sense.

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            today's active lifestyles

              pretty sure they have everything set up already and will just pull the trigger tomorrow

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              Story Time

                ^haha, sarcasm


                  tonight is the 2nd week right ?


                    I know you want your brood to be buffed.


                      No. I would maybe even like to see a nerf, unironically.
                      Unneeded buffs drive retarded braindead metafags to pick the hero and then cause excessive nerfs, because "OMFG I FOUND OUT THE HERO'S ACTUALLY STRONG AS FUK XDDDDDDDDDD METAAAAAA".


                        After Dota League I guess


                          7.07c should be coming this evening,and hoping for winter battle pass!


                            it is almost 16 days after 7.07
                            and new rank system suppose to be here in 2 weeks
                            in my country 2 weeks is 14 days
                            i think in usa 2 weeks is more than 15 days :D

                            Natalie Supp0rtman

                              What will it change expected adding medals and seasons? Didn't see anything else.

                              Potato PC

                                I hope we will see small buff on few heroes (such as IO) and hope new rank system is better than most than us expect.