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General DiscussionWhy you must play offlane with Every Hero In 3k Bracket

Why you must play offlane with Every Hero In 3k Bracket in General Discussion
Less Ambiguous

    1. You can avoid battle against your teammuteds;

    -> Especially those Idiots who always Cry for "2 Tangoes 1 ward" and Kiddies who always pick Carry

    2. Low responsibilities

    -> No one gonna expect much from you; They understan you're facing fucking hard tri lane.

    3. No one's gonna blame You

    -> There's only 3 ways; If it's not about "Noob Mid" Or "Noob Carry", then it must be "Noob Support"

    They simply don't understand if you exist.

    4. You have many Alternatives

    -> Just go fucking jungle man. Pick LC and rush Midas.

    Any more?

    Dinda Camelia

      I see. So that's why you used that name

      Dinda Camelia

        I need more sir, for 1k assholes bracket.

        Less Ambiguous

          Just go jungle my boi, That's more safe than safelane its self.

          Kemal Atatürk was a monkey

            or you just play a hero thats good in the offlane

            but you're too autistic for that i understand

            thanks for providing free mmr

            mechanical feel kb

              Actually if you ever think about "do x then y in z bracket" you're a huge fucking moron
              Dota is an extremely dynamic and you can win in a lot of ways as long as it involves destroying the enemy ancient

              mechanical feel kb

                Where the fuck do you even get these bullshit I'll just take a guess you're another sensitive SEA smurfing moron

                professional russian jungler

                  all ur reasons are based on what people think, who gives a fuck, play mid, dumpster the fuckin noob there then gank lanes, take towers, map control.
                  you worry too much about what is expected of u.
                  pick the most important postions to learn how to grow, jungling and offlane "cause they wont flame" will ensure you stay at 3k, just like me

                  Less Ambiguous

                    I dont understan dude, why you people getting mad.

                    Am i strike to the point?

                    mechanical feel kb

                      Am i strike to the point?

                      lmao what is this


                        Why don't you let ppl play offlane who actually understand that role? :)

                        Mayushii desu!

                          because sub 4k the games are often laned as such:

                          1) Safelane carry
                          2) Mid carry
                          3) Offlane carry

                          Which is kinda shit but also can work if you don't get completely dumpstered (which you won't because people won't recognize their advantages).

                          meteor hammer

                            my cw game i grab boots and lv 3 and my team triple roams lmao it was so good

                            Dinda Camelia

                              Looks like some people getting trigger and i still dont understand why.

                              Sir htc vive

                                i spam offlane every game! :D

                                Kemal Atatürk was a monkey

                                  hey jdf why did you buy GGboots on clock? any specific reason for that?

                                  meteor hammer

                                    we had a dk spammer and they had 4 poor cores, i got mek/gg because we were going to push

                                    almost always i go bm/force

                                    Less Ambiguous

                                      Ty for your advice bois, i appreciated it. Its good to see someone take this seriously.

                                      Maybe i must change my name right now, and stop throwing everysingle game. Feelsbadman.

                                      Shameless Droid

                                        I always pick Doom offlane and everything I do in fights is blink in five man with blaidmail on and doom someone an no one blames me for feed


                                          pick pitlord and go offlane

                                          that's old