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General Discussionwhy no battlefury on faceless void like on anti-mage

why no battlefury on faceless void like on anti-mage in General Discussion
Austin Cocks

    jumps through camps with 6seconds cd ability, can splitpush and escape, strong laner, and void is stronger early-on than antimage.

    mask of suicide has 1/3 up time and it silences u, battlefury damage stays there and helps you sustain ur mana too.

    so why isnt battlefury bought on faceless void like on antimage?

    i hope cookie answers this

    mechanical feel kb

      I play both hero

      He doesn't have 9999999 meters long timewalk pre 25 like he used to
      He starts being useful from min 10 and can snowball easily without farming as much as AM
      His lategame is arguably weaker than it used to
      He doesn't have to rely on 5 man chrono into sick cleave to win like he used to

      mechanical feel kb

        Yea there are some cases where BF is good (example = against naga) but it's not a go to choice like before his rework

        Mayushii desu!

          Why not play Sven like Sniper?

          Antimage and void are about as similar. How do you compare a hero with one of the best lockdown spells in the game, to one who has none?

          Also, BF is not always that bad, it is just not core like on AM.

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            Void likes to be active whenever chrono is off cooldown. Get a tower or 1-2 kills with your team. With just treads Aquila that's possible, while am cant do shit with these and his ult is just a ministun before level 12

            Story Time

              set up is everything for void and split push is everything for am, guess where battlefury belongs to

              Rose of Madness

                Bfury has no synergy with bash and doesn't provide much in early-mid teamfights where void wants to be strong. It also doesn't make your farm that fast anyway (compare to AM bfury Void farms much slower even with BF). It is a fast paced meta, you can't afford to dump 4.2k into a farming only item and expect to have good results if it is not super efficient like it is with AM.

                Dire Wolf

                  cus void farms faster and fights better with mealstrom/mjollnir since he needs attack speed for bash.

                  i cant win

                    A void destroys an anti mage with equal or a bit lesser farm. The only situation in which id consider going bfury void is against am

                    mechanical feel kb


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                      Austin Cocks

                        ^^its true, if you cant finish early, try to keepup the farm againt the antimage.
                        good points there sweep, it is a fast meta


                          bfury isn't bad if you're the safe lane free farming void.

                          usually void is played as an offlaner = not much farm. you get diffusal to add to kill potential.

                          Mayushii desu!

                            Battlefury against antimage is fucking retarded. You should buy items that allow you to kill antimage in chrono, not try to keep up with one of the fastest farming heroes in the game. Get a diffusal, get some pickoffs, get manta, maybe get a dps item if you need to, maybe sb/blink/whatever allows you to catch antimage.

                            Offlane void with a battlefury doesn't do jack shit, but offlane void who can catch and help kill antimage at any point in the game is actually useful (and a battlefury is really not going to help with that, but burning AM's mana will).


                              Depending on the team your playing against, illusion heros/Np/and maybe am BF is a good item, but dont forget you also have Mjoll, which in my opinion is much better than BF.

                              pos 3/4/5 player

                                different playstyles. void is not a farming/splitpush hero, he is a teamfight/ganking hero.


                                  void is not scary to am lategame, however if void has a chrono follow up like mystic flare or aa blast or sunstrike then he becomes incredibly scary

                                  like void usually lacks the dmg to solo kill in chrono unless theyre rlly squishy, but with some follow up he can nail him every time
                                  void snowballs rather early, and doesnt require the same amount of farm as am
                                  void benefits from attack speed
                                  bf helps u in none of these
                                  id rather get a fucking radiance tbh

                                  Mayushii desu!

                                    Void is not scary to AM lategame?

                                    Void can burn all AM's mana in the chrono, and AM is absolutely ruined by this. Even if you don't kill him, he'll be kinda powerless, and if you have any kind of followup AM won't really be able to do shit since almost all his strengths are just removed from the hero since he has no mana.

                                    Don't forget that the best part of manta diffusal build on void is that even if you don't kill the target they're terribly crippled.


                                      am can burn all of voids mana too soooooo
                                      and he doesnt have to use chrono to do it, abyssal blade is much less of a commitment for it
                                      not to say void is bad against am, but i dont think void threatens kill potential on am in the lategame ALONE unless he went some retarded dps build in which case he either dies to am's team or gets completely countered by a save.
                                      if he has a skywrath with him then he can silver edge break am and then kill with his dmg + mystic flare.
                                      if he has invoker then he can kill with sunstrike and meatball set up or even alacrity with voids dmg
                                      if he has aa then he can combo with ice blast
                                      if he has et he can kill with split earth and the aura
                                      but voids dmg doesnt feel enough to me
                                      and am can tank bashes better cuz of his passive, and he is super hard to burst in chrono with just void

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                                        man 6 slotted void is like pretty the only carry who can reliably solo kill an endgame antimage every time

                                        a lion could in theory do it, too, tho.

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                                        mechanical feel kb

                                          AM have much more uptime than void in the lategame
                                          He's a soft counter to void for a reason

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                                          mechanical feel kb

                                            Daddy got everything straight


                                              Why not Mljonir if u want a flash farm item ? It also synergies with bash.

                                              i cant win

                                                Of course, on the other hand, I got as many kills as a safelane am and half as many deaths without bfury, so there's that

                                                and we still somehow lost

                                                Dire Wolf

                                                  6 slotted void only reliable carry who can solo AM?

                                                  Slark can, viper can, PA and LC can, Troll definitely can perma bash him. Lot's of heroes end game with right build can. Viper goes ult to pop linkens then bloodthorn silence (probably the weakest since ult cast time is long), slark pops linkens with abyssal, bloodthorn or vice versa, same for PA, LC abyssal then duel, Troll has to land a bash before AM blinks but very possible. All these heroes have more dps than void so they probably have a better shot killing AM during those disables than void does during chrono.

                                                  Austin Cocks

                                                    bloodthorne void will kill antimage everytime with 1 chrono
                                                    then put refresher instead of boots for 100% kill on anyone


                                                      dude if u pop linkens then bloodthorn the am uses an item called manta style


                                                        using manta in chrono?
                                                        hex might be a beter choice in that specific scenario btw, as a 7th slot tho


                                                          this thread = lmao


                                                            @Dire Wolf

                                                            AM can just blink away from any of those heroes after using Manta style as some guy said - they all need an ally to disable the AM.

                                                            And a Slark with Bloodthorn would get shredded by the AM XD

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                                                            Mode : TOPSON

                                                              You guys need Jesus OMG WTf im reading rofl

                                                              Pump Cultist

                                                                oh good i needed a daily meme dose, thanks thread.

                                                                i cant win

                                                                  @Dire Wolf a slow, DoT hero with no hard disables (viper)...solo killing a hero with insane built-in magic resistance, god-tier mobility, and manta style as the ultimate core item?


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