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General DiscussionWhat to Do when your bored, playing dota.?

What to Do when your bored, playing dota.? in General Discussion
losing my patience

    I have No reallife or any friends, so sometimes it happens i sit at home playing dota beeing tilted and bored as fuck and get -300 mmr in 1 fucking Day.
    What Do you guys Do when your tilted or bored?

    Dire Wolf

      get a fucking job bro and some friends and a girlfriend


        get a fucking job

        some friends

        And for the finale...
        A gf

        Gl btw

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        losing my patience

          Dude i have a Job thats Why i actually Enjoy being alone all my free time cuz my Job is very stressfull. I also have some hobbies beside dota but nothing as time consumable.


            if bored in dota or tilted, go low-mmr smurf and trash the 1k bracket


              Getting a job is retarded. Start your own business.

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              B o u r g e o i s i e

                learn a new language, or a musical instrument. An endless pursuit with very satisfying returns.


                  install gentoo

                  Don't want pussy, just wa...

                    buy 6k account


                      so your life is pointless you want to say that? play another game, but better do something else in life. After 5years you will just say where went all my life.

                      Dire Wolf

                        "Getting a job is retarded. Start your own business."

                        Why, so you can own your job? So you can pay double taxes on it?

                        Only boring people get bored. There are soooo many things I could think of to do besides dota if I had time. Cook for fun, go running, work out at a gym, watch tv shows or movies, play other games, be social, read, clean my house, clean my car, landscape my lawn. Tons of things.


                          argue with someone on dotabuff, kills time and it's a lot of fun


                            indeed I'm dying rn xd


                              ask a question on the dotabuff forum

                              shit I was to slow

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                              Mayushii desu!

                                Have you heard of our lord and savior, euthanasia?

                                Dota machanic

                                  Get a job, make friends at the job you get. Go to college, make friends at the school you are enrolled in. Dota isn’t everything fam, live life

                                  Friendly player

                                    There's arcade games too.


                                      watch some hot ass bukkake

                                      Lets kill them all!

                                        how can u not have friends thats stupid

                                        like , u can call any friend u had and ask him to hang out and its solved


                                          i go lift when i am bored to get more strong


                                            find new hobbies, i usually play guitar or riding bike around the town, or meet with old friends, that's helpful

                                            Positivity Spreader

                                              Jogging, biking, swimming, etc. Or practice crafting cynide pills in case life gets too hard.


                                                surf adult website for make research

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                                                  Get a rub and tug at your local neighborhood.


                                                    Quit job and go full time dota


                                                      i dig out classic games sometimes. NFSMW, biohazard4 right now, even age of empires 1&2 or like dunkeon keeper from 1995