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General Discussioncan we play against open ai(bot) ?

can we play against open ai(bot) ? in General Discussion

    can we download and play against open ai (bot) ?

    Sakura Gakuin



        From what I've heard, players like Bulldog are getting a chance to play against it. You can see on their stream clips or YouTube. I'm not sure how it works, whether it was sponsored and whether they requested or were offered to do this to train the bot. Could be done in an online lobby or at arcade, can't say. Either way, I'm sure it's not something you can just download.


          How then? I wonder how can i play against it!


            I've heard that only "few" pros can play it...not sure


              Im sure the open AI people don't want their code reverse engineered so until it is patented i wouldn't hold my breath. If people are asking for it then im sure they are thinking, Hmmmm maybe we can sell it? Or at leaset they should be, that's how things get innovated, monetary compensation is a hell of a motivator. Speaking of which I got to get ready for work lol.


                Twinkle... do you have any idea why it's called OpenAI?

                Hint: Open as in Opensource.


                  awww i was hoping to practice against it. how to play 1v1 sf mid then? can anyone share this info?


                    It's "OpenAI" but they're keeping it to themselves so the white supremacist Neo-Nazis don't manipulate the code and develop an evil super-villain AI based on their morals that infiltrates the world's security and banking systems and takes over the world.

                    O.J.'s Juicy Bag of Nuts

                      Even though it's open source, it useless to anyone who can't afford the computing demands which is basically everyone except the richest ppl in the world


                        awww i was hoping to practice against it. how to play 1v1 sf mid then? can anyone share this info?

                        lol you ain't gonna practice anything son, yo ass gon get beat easily 10/10


                          @O.J.'s Juicy Bag of Nuts I could be talking out of my butt right now, but I think it will take an intense computer to run it if it's the full bot that learns, but if they just packed the current bot into a bot script that doesn't learn and is static, it could be something that an average computer


                            i think aui bot has its computer its not something online

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                              can anyone tell me how to play against open AI?


                                ^ u cant ! But therr are many players who have same name! Try to play against them . GL .

                                Smile Protector

                                  You can't reverse engineer an AI that extracts data from terabytes of datasets, and then re-applies it to create a neural network.

                                  const newArr = [ Se...

                                    i want to play this bot so badly


                                      tangina nyo


                                        no only pro players (not you) can play it

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