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Most "important" 500 mmr in corelation to real skill in General Discussion

    So there are two ways to ask this:

    1) Where do you think lies the difference between two mmr values that equals 500 that represents biggest skill improvement of the one who climbed those 500 mmr? (2k and above)

    2) Which 500 mmr represent biggest real ingame skill difference of the one who earned that mmr, in terms of positioning of that 500 mmr between two mmr values (starting and final one)? (2k and above)

    I chose 500 mmr because more than that isn't fun, 1k difference is just huge in any bracket.

    My guess is that biggest difference is between 4.5 and 5k players. If not that then i would say 2700-3200.

    I never had less than 4.8k mmr (my starting/calibrated mmr) and i never had more than 6.5k mmr (my highest mmr). So i'm probably not very good at this since i didn't climb from 2k to 8k.

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      Probably 4.5k to 5k
      There's no real difference between 3k to 3.5k, except that people draft and play as a team abit better


        I notice a huge change from 4 to 4.5. But it should be noted that that as u get higher and higher the differences get smaller and smaller naturally. So the biggest should be around the average +- 500. So 2.3 +-500.

        M u r d e r

          yea no. if the difference in skill between 4.5k and 5k would be lower than it is between 2k and 2.5k, it would be easier to reach 5k than 2.5k, but it's not. i literally got 3k from 1k just by watching a few youtube videos about predicting enemies movement when splitpushing and doing cookie challenges.

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            i also thought that for 4.5-5k but now that i passed 5.5k i can see the same skill differences at 5.0-5.5

            realistically, every 500 mmr difference is eaqually shitty.

            only thing i'd say what makes 4.5-5k so special is that you stop getting junglers and start getting actual lanes, which i like to get most of the time.


              0 to 500 :thinking:


                To be very honest i think 2k till 2.5k has some "big" difference as in you actually see constant "support" or "forced support" picks. Almost everygame you have a cour at the start at the game.
                And 4.5 till 5k

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                  after playing many matches, the difference between sub 5.5k and 6k and above is huge.


                    Pretty sure everyone below 6k is dogshit and you have to be 6.5k material to get 6.1k mmr because of shitstains


                      i've noticed quite a big difference between 6.2k players and 6.2k players in my games

                      i can outlane the 6.3 but it's very hard to get anything better than 10-20 more CS against a 6.7k


                        9.5-10k cuz at 9.5k u make top 3 at TI, at 10k u drop after second series of lower bracket

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                          ^ tru big tru

                          @ bws hahaha why u speculats that its 4.5 to 5k u ever been there? lol

                          from my experience biigest is from 4000 to 4500

                          i mean 4k flat is so fucking trash compared to 4500 more than any other 500 mmr difference i experienced

                          and the diffence from 3500 to 4000 is almost zero as i experienced whereas from 3000 to 3500 is big

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                            How easy or difficult has nothing to do with how different.

                            The biggest difference are always around the middle. It's easy to learn maybe but it's usually a major concept that makes the difference. Contrast with higher or lower mmr where really minor things contribute to the difference in mmr.

                            so maybe it may be unnoticeable and yet really difficult.


                              2k-2.5k would hypothetically be the biggest skill difference since it's like the difference between being in the bottom 30% vs the top 30%

                              garry the carry

                                3.7k and 4.2k

                                4.2k and 4.7k

                                4.7k and 5.2k


                                  4.7k and 5.2k seems just right.

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                                    In Australian servers 4.5k - 5k. You start to get more contestant good players.


                                      Given I've climbed 1.2k MMR I wud say it was the difference between 1.3k and 1.8k
                                      I start matching with 2k's as opposed to low 1k's


                                        4.5-5.5k = trash not much difference; basically trashy kids thinking they are good.


                                          0 to 500 :thinking:


                                            ____-____ mmr which is below my mmr is trash

                                            M u r d e r

                                              i took 5k only as an example, of course the higher in mmr you go the higher the skill difference is. but im not sure maybe it caps out at something like 8-9k, u need to be a tryhard ranked player for this to work and not a pro who doesnt play pubs (or else u could say something like difference between cookie and ywn is greater than between mouz.madara and liquid.miracle).
                                              and its not just something i just thought about while taking a shit, wagamama was asked a very similar question when i was watching his stream and im basically using his quotes as my source.

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