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    So i sought some advice on my last losing streak and it seemed to help, stick to a few heros and play just those roles.

    SO im back again and on another losing streak.

    I am playing good but losing games, and advice would be appreciated thank you.


      If you think you are playing good but losing games, you are delusional.


        I am playing good, not perfect.


          Lolz u play BS as jungler c:
          Git gud mate git gud

          mode: Low Priority

            same fucking problem gg i get blood safe and not that hes safe but hes acc buyer or soemthing fml


              Yea i guess 4w-4l isnt the best as bs jungle. ty

              Dota machanic

                You can't win them all, yesterday I had a Lycan jungle who had 1k hero damage and almost no tower damage in a 24 minute game. I accepted the loss and moved on.
                Also in 3k people jump in counter picks. So if you get 5th pick you are fine but if you first or second pick a carry most likely you'll be countered quickly. Not that it's impossible to win, but just makes your game harder.
                Just try your best and don't tilt.