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Can you beat the SF BOT ? in General Discussion
Keep It Rinse

    Do you can ?



      Altered Beast

        I think the best strat would be to just get raze level 1 and go full YOLO on him.


          How can I even get to fight it?


            Not only that. Here's where my starting build works wonders. Tango potion clarity and 3x branches, just hit him until he dies. Fuck that shit


              LET ME PLAY BabyRage


                Sad part is that BOT can get way much better than what it is at it's current state.


                  Once they trained a 5v5 AI team what's the point of TI anymore?


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                      machine learning is really cool. elon musk up to some interesting stuff yet again

                      Dire Wolf

                        Human's can't beat the bot, it's too fast. It can react faster than any person can. The reason regular bots are so bad is their decision trees, but this one has learned exactly how to play so you won't beat it. I mean just look at the creep block. A person can kind of learn where to click and get a good creep block off, the bot can use exact positioning to get the perfect block off every time. Idk how the bot controls dota if it's with a virtual input program that presses keys and mouse clicks (that would make the most sense so everything you do is outside of dota program) but it can probably click an exact pixel on the screen where a human just gets very close.

                        I'm not 100% sure a team full of these bots could win TI though. They would dominate lanes but there's so many permutations of picks and moves that it might take too long to learn it. That 1v1 was a very static situation, vs a SF with only a couple objectives. A full 5v5 dota game with real hero picks is a million fold more complex. I believe a computer could learn how to win that but at current cpu processing and memory limitations it might take years and years for it to learn that much.


                          And this is how Skynet was born BibleThump

                          meteor hammer

                            which sf bot is it i wanna try

                            someone give me name pls fast


                              the one in TI7 that beat Dendi hard in 1v1 mid


                                the funniest thing is if it didnt beat arteezy sumail and ccnc i wouldnt have believed it to be good after just beating dendi LUL

                                meteor hammer

                                  nvm apparently its an external non dota api that is unavailable

                                  Dark Hunter

                                    Is this a joke or was this actually a thing? If so, is there a video about it?

                                    meteor hammer

                                      yes it was a thing. the bot beat a bunch of the best mid players off camera and then beat dendi in the event


                                        here's the video on dendi vs bot
                                        if you want to see the introduction,i think it was minute 10-ish or minute 9 on the video
                                        that creepblock is really insane in my opinion


                                          They said Pajkatt actually beat it once, or atleast got a kill on it. That is incredible.

                                          meteor hammer

                                            they have sf arcanas for people who can beat the bot at the event. we will have to see if anyone manages it

                                            the only real way i can see it happening is rune luck or spamming long raze on him and not getting long razed back

                                            best tinker player

                                              Anybody know where to download it? Im surely gonna defeat it if i can get hanfs to it

                                              meteor hammer

                                                you cant afaik its proprietary

                                                meteor hammer

                                                  honestly i just want it to be available so that i can lose to it 500 times


                                                    wtf its humanly impossible to beat the bot's instant reaction and perfect last hits along with perfect decision making. i dont know why you think its even remotely possible? must be a normal skill player LUL


                                                      where is it . lemme me beat it using psychological tricks


                                                        i thought you guys were talking about the normal ai LUL.
                                                        The ai bot seems to not respond to a max range raze, it only instantly precast raze if you go into the mid range for the second raze. i assume you can dance around the second range raze to make it spam the raze animations


                                                          also you can probably just not block at all, plus the bot doesnt have maphacks so i guess u can abuse some stuff there. doesnt look like the bot does overextensions too it just focuses on zoning and last hitting

                                                          pcdabi ygd iim etseg ehte...

                                                            That ai is rly awesome tbh. Technically computer >human. But i dont wanna dota will be like chess. Even best players in chess dont get single win vs computer. :thinking:


                                                              Mad said that Pajkat beat him once


                                                                It can only be as good as the programmer. In a straight up 1v1 and hero like sf of course instant reactions win. But Dota ai in a 5v5 with other heroes will never be able to beat humans. Unless ppl are able to find a way to code a perfect Dota game.


                                                                  Any1 tried it ?? Only pro players can play it ?

                                                                  hiyori the harmless inari

                                                                    Holy shit that perfect creep block tho
                                                                    Is there a match id or yt vid up for that pajkatt vs ai game?

                                                                    Keep It Rinse

                                                             link btw

                                                                      I think you can only play it if you are at TI, they have set computers up like on Gamescon

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                                                                        the bot has weakness, first any moment you do something it hasnt encoutered it has no precorded response and will either run away or engage. second, the bot cant abuse what it doesn't know, if you hide things from it, it will miscalculate, need to keep hidden regen so the bot makes mis calculations and most of all abuse a move speed difference as the bot cannot improve its move speed. my guess is if you hid regen in the trees and engaged the bot down to lo, then went into the trees and regen, the bot will position itself aggressively, combining that with a move speed advantage and razes you could potentially kill it.

                                                                        the human element is creativity of free thought, the only way to beat the bot is to not play by its rules and use creativity.

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                                                                        EVIL SHADOW

                                                                          2 people did beat him near keyarena. he has some sort of bug.

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                                                                            Why fight the AI inside the game if you can turn it off in match

                                                                            hiyori the harmless inari

                                                                              What was the bug?


                                                                                I guess if we smh can match the ai creepblock and double wave him we had a huge chance of winning

                                                                                Fuck God/Fuck Allah

                                                                                  how the hell can i download this bot for my game ?


                                                                                    Don't let that thing touch the internet!

                                                                                    EVIL SHADOW

                                                                                      "All 50 Shadow Fiend Arcanas for beating the OpenAI bot got scooped up by the end of the night."


                                                                                      EVIL SHADOW

                                                                                        used strats
                                                                                        1) Pull enemy creeps so yours beat the tower
                                                                                        2) Just be really good (some 8ks do it)
                                                                                        3) Cheese with item builds

                                                                                        EVIL SHADOW

                                                                                          another weakness

                                                                                          I was one of the 50 that beat the AI.
                                                                                          The general strategy is to win by claiming first tower. At 0:00, you aggro the enemy creep wave so that they start following you. Then you walk around in a circle around the jungle, and the enemy wave will start to form a congo line that will follow you around. You then path around the jungle so that on the next wave spawn, you can aggro the wave again and continue to walk around in circles. The AI will burn glyph when your creep wave hits the tower, and for some reason it can't really decide between chasing you or defending the tower. So after about 5 minutes of doing this, your creep waves will eventually destroy the tower and you win the 1v1.
                                                                                          I stared wind lace + 3 salves. You can outrun the creeps and the AI with the extra movement speed, and the salves will give you enough sustain to live through a few minutes of creep damage. You can also use the courier to give you more salves, but I found it doable using only 1 salve.



                                                                                            well yeah, obviously u can also win by farming dagon in jungle and then nuking him

                                                                                            the question si whether anybody managed to win without cheesing


                                                                                              Told you people it was ez. You just need a fucking brain against a bot. Most dota 2 players are fucking retarded, they act like bots, see something and use it without thinking (or not much far ahead anyway)

                                                                                              #team Ivar

                                                                                                @diox judging by your answer i guess you dont know anything about programming neural networks

                                                                                                the bot is actually impressive, imo we are not that far (2-4 years) from similar bot that can play whole game


                                                                                                  Remember it only plays sf and shit
                                                                                                  Give it more complex heroes and shit in more complex scenarios and it will take it longer to learn.
                                                                                                  Like puck in a full 5v5 game it'll have to learn how to Dodge and escape ganks and shit. And there r 115 heroes now, so it wud have to learn a lot of them if one bot is assigned one position on a team
                                                                                                  Still it's super cool that something like this exists


                                                                                                    I look forward to the 5 bot team next year but it won't even be close to beating pros. I'd even say it won't even beat a random group of 3k's unless the programmers teach it some huskar moves and outpick and outplay them

                                                                                                    EVIL SHADOW

                                                                                                      to do that 5v5 bots they need some computing power that is not available in our time.


                                                                                                        I watched people get slaughtered by the bot all day yesterday. It's really good. It appears to have a very deep understanding of dota mechanics, the 1v1 mid game mode, and the area between the tier 1 towers. It then has a fairly poor understanding of almost everything else. 5v5 is a ways off, but they're working hard on it.

                                                                                                        Someone did win against the bot by confusing it. They pulled the enemy creep wave out of lane, tricking the bot into thinking it had to tank the incoming creep wave to defend its tower - an "out of options" type thing. It may not understand the notion of pulling creeps through to t2.