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MMR not updating on dotabuff? in General Discussion
Dark Hunter

    On my profile it still shows i have 1.2k (dont judge). It has last been updated 8months ago. I'm now at 2.4k.

    Any reason it's not updating? Does it have to do with the fact i changed my username?


      I think u have to have it shown on ur profile for me idk if there's anything else.



        It's pretty obvious if you just think about it. The same for most questions noobs ask in this forum. Spend more time on it next time.

        Dark Hunter

          Maybe its obvious to you. I just asked a question. Not everyone has 10k mmr brain like you do.

          Story Time

            ^true! Some one need to spread this knowledge (koppo)


              i purposely hide mine


                Your mmr is too low to be updated, it updqtes only when you are out of trash tier


                  my solo mmr was updated a year ago for some reason,party mmr is updated fine. Can't get why...I got frozen 3981 (like it was year ago) and it doesnt change