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    match id

    today i had the pleasure of matching with ILK.Dentist. I have played against him couple of matches and won all. This time, he is on my team, i let him play his riki.

    However, he is so dogshit that i think there is no hope for SEA 5k anymore.

    -> after he has farmed diffusal, he proceeded to farm even more, and tried to solo a qop with orchid, instead of sticking with team.
    -> decides to farm orchid with a team full of force staff to kite him.
    -> everyone in team is gonna help ursa as he is gonna do rs, this riki is farming bottom nc with me beside. I as SB, has charges, and can charge anytime, he still farms when ursa and 2 other mates were near rs pit to prepare for any fight. and this riki does not carry TP. his backpack = stout shield + queling.
    -> farms ancient, got killed, blame no ward.

    as a riki player, i shake my head 100 times thinking how this guy get into 5k.

    I played against him many many times, and i just banned his riki, knowing his other heroes are dogshit [zeus, warlock all with sub 45% winrate], and even when i let him play his riki, he is just so bad in this game.

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      do all 5k players know each other or what


        Pick riki before him

        Young Achilles

          Do u have any tips on countering or playing around force staff as Riki?


            -never blink to initiate, only blink after the target force staff away.
            -buy basher or go dagger after diffusal

            its not about item, but about how you execute.

            dentist dogshit riki use blink to initiate, then diffusal and smoke. 1 force staff away and he is missing the kill and dead.

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              Isn't saving blink and diffu charges against force staffs a common sense? Smh


                nice crybaby thread




                  its not common sense for dentish who spammed riki.

                  he blink strike to initiate on rhasta, and then he diffused, and then he smoked.

                  rhasta just waited he used all these, then force staff away and profit.


                    Yo frank what do you think about phase boots riki and mass aquila(maybe 3or4) then buy wand and diffusal.

                    1-IceTea 🌟

                      Awww so sad,come doggy I will give u some biscuits to eat I know we live in same contry.


                      btw who is the ilc guy?


                        lol. 5k riki spammer vs 6k riki spammer.


                          My 2.7 k suport riki is 5 times better


                            the 6k riki shoulda picked riki obviously if both are riki spammers. the 5k can feed all he wants with a hero he cant play and it wont matter


                              5k sea is like 8k EU, they all know each other because there are just a handful of people


                                I'm the best riki next to frank


                                  i pick riki after enemy pick bounty . im so good


                                    for a second i thought with "5k sea is like 8k EU" you meant that sea is so much more skilled

                                    ILC - DR. RIKI

                             actually make a thread of this.. haha..hahahaha...hahaha... you better play riki, because your sb just bad.charge into death.. and many more people die because of your stupid charge... give you a clap for making this thread..
                                      my only joy is to play riki.. i dont need to know any other hero, because i dont need to prove to anyone im good at dota2. grow up kid.. the way you make this thread shows how childish you are...

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                                        the existence of dentist in sea is a testament that 5k SEA is really bad.


                                          Sad that u necro posted this. More sad is how u managed to find this thread about you lol.

                                          ILC - DR. RIKI

                                            Few weeks ago he said 'THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 6K and 5K IS 6K DONT CRY BABY'.. see how he cry baby until an open forum.. Hahaha...that shows 6k or whatever k mmr you are, you are as cancer as 1k...

                                            i find it strange that he wants to make a thread of this... to shows you are a better riki player?? haha... hey, have a life pls...

                                            Grow up and don't act like a kid, cry baby in game is enough, not until an open forum..

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                                            ILC - DR. RIKI

                                              oh,, between, you just need to lose 20 games and i win 20 games to get the same mmr.. don't need to act like a pro ok...both you and me are casual players, there is no need to make a thread to show off la...


                                                I believe I speak for frank when I say this. Get 6k first before you talk


                                                  lol, i beat this dentist shit couple of times and knows he is shit and cant play any heroes other than riki.

                                                  when he was on my team, i gave him riki since its his best hero and he is still shit.

                                                  played thousand matches on riki and still so shiet on it, just fucking 4head.

                                                  ILC - DR. RIKI

                                                    clap clap.. cry more small baby... hug your mama, small baby....

                                                    ILC - DR. RIKI

                                                      your comment speaks volume of your upbringing... hahaha....i just know someone can be so proud of your own mmr.. 6k? hahaha...just wow...

                                                      cheer up, skeleton

                                                        why is that almost every sea player on this forum expresses their thoughts like a 5 year old (aside from said players being massive morons)
                                                        is that sea language specifics that dont let people translate their thoughts in english or what?


                                                          lol, i beat this dentist shit couple of times and knows he is shit and cant play any heroes other than riki.

                                                          really winds my turbines

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                                                            lol frank xd

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                                                              i belive sea people generaly are all like that
                                                              they are all under 160 cm with smal E PEN and lack of male hormones

                                                              so im not surprised

                                                              but when u look at china people , they are contra from them and its kinda weird , weird people they are

                                                              cheer up, skeleton

                                                                ure the same case

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                                                                  i get u but im not


                                                                    I rlly don't understand what goes thru ur mind katz
                                                                    "Wow lemme make a random generalized statement that shows how supposedly 'inferior' some random group is with no real basis haHAA"
                                                                    This dentist kid is braindead, I don't think he understands the difference between someone shit talking him and someone BabyRageing him and is thus putting up the most pathetic "counterattack" ever

                                                                    ILC - DR. RIKI

                                                                      feelsbadman i'm sure i can understand better than you. go study more kids. you need some brain to play dota. he has been crying baby in game. crying over a loss of 25 mmr

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                                                                      ILC - DR. RIKI

                                                                        The most bizarre thing that a 27 year old adult would do. (i read some thread and Frank said he is 27)... grow up Frank. just 25mmr. i'm sure you got it back when you spam your riki the next few games.

                                                                        ILC - DR. RIKI

                                                                          ok. no more reply from me. enjoy your weekend Frank.

                                                                          mode: Low Priority

                                                                            ^ y frank is 28 maybe hes 29 soon xd i watched his streams hes kinda funny looking i wonder if he has alot money and is he working anything


                                                                              Katz sometimes I wonder if u legit have autism or something
                                                                              No Kappa
                                                                              Like u just say the fucking weirdest dumbest shit sometimes.


                                                                                i'm sure i can understand better than you

                                                                                You say that but then again....
                                                                                go study more kids. you need some brain to play dota

                                                                                You say shit like this that makes me think twice.

                                                                                mode: Low Priority

                                                                                  ^lol i think ur retarded more than frank on this post


                                                                                    It's not like the education here is good


                                                                                      you guys are precious


                                                                                        DUDE THATS WHAT YOU CALLED>>AN ACC BUYER!