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Spamming Spectre and Underlord in General Discussion
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    Tips/Tricks/Suggestions/Advice appreciated. Spamming those 2 heroes.


      spam cancel firestorm to intimidate the opposing laners since it's loud as fuck


        and then cast it when theyre not scared anymore


          Why r u spamming 2 very different heroes?
          Just for the Winrate?

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            In case someone on my team decides to feed bc I "took" their lane lol

            Potato Marshal

              I always get 2-3 clarities on Underlord to start, he can also take towers incredibly fast since he'll often have 200+ damage from his aura after teamfights.


                I start with pms and aura lvl 1, cuz u reduce their dmg a lot with both dmg block and percent reduction, on top of that u can hit for 70-80 dmg lvl one and zone and trade hits with most carries.

                galactic overlord

                  I start with pms and aura lvl 1, cuz u reduce their dmg a lot with both dmg block and percent reduction
                  u do realize it only block 7% on lvl 1


                    I'd rather spam Tide because it shuts down enemy safe lane melee carry (most carries in 4K are melee - Spec, PA, AM, Sven, Slark).

                    I did the underlord spam. It's not bad, but not as good as Tide spam if you're into offlaning. Also, break > underlord.

                    Spec isn't THAT good. Just about any carry in the game can bully spec mid game (E.g. Deso PA > Spec with 3K gold saving for rad). I've also noticed people depend too much on Spec to get big and by the time Spec has Rad Manta enemy position 1 and 2 get huge.

                    Eventually spamming will catch up to you because it's an unhealthy way to try to gain MMR. It gets boring playing the same shit over and over.

                    The best way to farm MMR is to be versatile and pick for the situation.

                    Here are some of my counter-picks:

                    1. Axe or Tide for enemy melee carry
                    2. Nyx for Voker/Necro
                    3. Jugg for Necro
                    4. Pa or Sven against Spec
                    5. Silencer against Enigma
                    6. Viper or Lich (when you think your team sux and you really want to win. so this counters your team's stupidity)
                    8. Underlord (for enemy ranged carry and you want to offlane)
                    9. Es offlane (or mid solo, to counter PL/Brood/Meepo)


                      oh and Necro ("I don't care about this shit team but imma go 19-0" hero)

                      Top 1 EU cow

                        ^kys ty

                        Potato Marshal

                          Underlord just seems like a better Tide in most situations to me. Underlord has more damage, longer disables, more range, better talents, better farming, a passive damage reduction that doesn't need to be cast. The only thing Tide does better than Underlord is surviving.


                            Tide can stack ancients and press c without taking any damage so he's hardly a slower farmer.

                            Potato Marshal

                              Underlord can nuke waves a lot faster, and he can even take t1 towers surprisingly fast with the damage accumulated from his atrophy aura.


                                I mean I'm totally sold on Underlord (I pick it often). I'm saying if you're against a spec, Tide would wreck it a lot more than Underlord (press c). And Tide can farm fast.