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General Discussionhow to get vhs ? stuck in hs

how to get vhs ? stuck in hs in General Discussion
[GRT] gogreen

    pls teach me , how te get vhs

    Destroy enemy ancient

      41% win rate in ns lul


        Have you tried destroying the enemy ancient?

        Potato Marshal

          First you need to get very high, then you need to get some skill.


            the better question is why u wanna play on vhs when u cant even get around in ns...

            Crippling Road to Depression

              Maybe he thinks his team is holding him back. At VHS he would have a better team. If that's true his wr would probably be around 50%


                Fail smurf

                dota in 2017 🤔

                  Intelligence quotient


                    git gud


                      Predict my mmr :(