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    Im now playing my TBD games with average mmr of 3.6k which is in high skill level i think. Are there any chances for me to get a 3.7k + mmr on my calibration if I played well on my TBD games? or ill be stucked in this high level skill and only got a chance to get 3.2k-3.6k?


      you can't get more than 3.5k on calibration anymore


        got rampage on my first ranked game and won the next 3 games hahayz
        so sad to hear that :(


          U can calibrate at 5k with that stat trust me !!!



            If it's international ranked, you can calibrate higher. If it's your regular calibration, it will be 3.5k max.
            But why bother? If you are good enough, you will gain MMR afterwards. Anyone that at least tries to play properly can get 4k easily.