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good pos 4 (VERY GOOD)

    How do people get a blink on CW at minute 8?

    fastest i ever managed was min 13, standard is between 14-16. is this a good blink time?

    underlord>/<magnus offlane?

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      download the replay and find out for yourself

      good pos 4 (VERY GOOD)

        Thanks cookie having a great day so far?

        nvm cw vs spec solo

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        Pastor Bukkake

          Get your last hits and stack camps. ez

          Yuma Kuga

            41 last hits and two kills by 8:00 is about enough gold for a blink dagger.


              Look who centaur was laning against, a solo spectre. the cent isn't going to have any trouble csing.

              the best zoning support the enemy had was a..... clockwerk? and he was mid? because a legion needed help winning her lane? hhwwaaaa?

              I mean, their mmr is way above mine so who am I to question.

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              I am numb

                I mean 8 min is fast, but he rushed without tranqs in the easiest lane of his life so its definitely feasible
                ive gotten in 10-11 min with tranqs in harder lanes so this makes sense.


                  you have to get kills in that lane, there's no way you'll get it this fast by farming in a real game.

                  Let Me Commit Suicide

                    as axe , <10 minute blink is easy thou. they have support or not.

                    if zoned just get iron talon + ring regen

                    if not just contest

                    meteor hammer

                      no kills but im mid