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    share the heroes you hate playing against and ban instantly

    personally i ban necro every game. i also cant win against an invoker every time. should i feel bad?


      Razor XD



        beast  怪獣

          Ban Techies every game, any hero

          Abyss Watcher

            Ban tinker, if the tinker player is good, he can make sven's life difficult


              in my games is zeus affected by murphy's law. my team pick zeus, he is like real garbage. enemy team picks zeus, he will piss everyone off with his nimbus with felt every 10 seconds with its dumb ass low cd.
              for me zeus is instaban.

              Rogue Knight

                I ban either Ogre or CM, because they will roam and then nuke you hard with their disables and stuns

                悪役.Th3 CaT^^

                  Axe that piece of shit

                  Rektor UI

                    By default i instaban slark..
                    If i want to play a carry, i ban bs or axe
                    If i want to play some heroes like brood for example, i ban lc or shaker in most cases


                      Ban Tinker or Heroes that naturally buys Solar Crest as core item.

                      Potato Marshal

                        I don't pick Sven, but I often pick Treant to counter him because of the bkb piercing root and disarm.

                        karda teda kes sittagi ei...

                          axe fucks sven up hard
                          legion can also be annoying sometimes

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                          1-IceTea 🌟

                            OP meta hero that everyone keep play and have high win rate



                              TN_Rmili #Get_Me_Out_Of_Here

                                necro for mid / late game
                                axe for early game
                                tinker for all stages of the game those can fuck sven so hard from my experience

                                meteor hammer

                                  tree can be annoying, any bkb piercing disable or very high armor carry like troll


                                    kinda hate playing vs beast master , it is just almost impossible to win vs a good bm that is targeting you , also venomancer is pain in my sorry ass

                                    all role player

                                      i always ban sven !


                                        I ban tinker no matter what i play as.


                                          Tinker, AM and Axe when I play Sven.


                                            high magic damage is also rly good. cw can be annoying




                                                Well first thing is you don't pick sven and hope for the best. You want to pick sven 4th or 5th and no less.

                                                The key to playing sven is hitting your timings. If you fuck that up, you will fall off and you won't be able to close the game.

                                                Sven's biggest issues are BKB piercing disables and heroes with a lot of mobility/control. Of course you can always outplay them, but something like a Viper with a good start will mean you will struggle to catch ground. Something like a good Invoker (LUL skill hero kappa) will be a nightmare to go against.