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General DiscussionCookie challenge information. Please help 🍪

Cookie challenge information. Please help 🍪 in General Discussion
Gorō Nyūdō Masamune

    Hey guys I want to improve my dota skills, and in here everyone mentions the cookie challenge, so if anyone could tell me what the challenge is about and what is the point of it? Thank you!


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      Pastor Bukkake

        you buy a jar of cookies. eat the cookies til it's empty. save up your coins in the jar. profit after a year.

        TJ. Ayoth

          make a 1v0 lobby no bots
          select the hero u want to practice
          spawn creeps and buy the items u normally buy (or you can go itemless)
          then get 82+ lasthits in 10 minutes

          thats the 1st challenge IIRC


            there is also a LH-challenge mode in the arcade section




                How the fuck do I get 120 lh as antimage in 11 min??


                  playing the mid lane and killing the lg acmp with tangos and pms glove would be the easiest way i suppose


                    Here's the full challenge (1v0 lobby), mostly from safelane as the math is for when mid doesn't have 1 additional creep ( Up the number by 20% if you go mid ):

                    1. 10 min- no creeps missed (82+ lasthits minimum)
                    2. 10 min- 80 lh/40 deny safelane, creeps can't enter either team's tower. if they do you reset
                    3. 10 min- 100 LH safelane
                    4. 30 min- 600 LH
                    5. less than 15 min- end the game(destroy enemy ancient)

                    1. 11 min- 120 LH
                    2. 30 min- 750 LH
                    3. 10 min- 100 CS+(LH+DN counts) as morphling -> lvl 1 strenght morph and never level anything again, turn it on and don't turn it off. buy a set of tangoes and a wraith band, you'll constantly have only 25~ damage. you're not allowed to buy any additional items.
                    4. less than 10 min- end the game(destroy enemy ancient)

                    all role player

                      how to end the game less than 10 min as riki !?
                      so hard to achieve that advance chalenge


                        How to get 30 cs in 600 min?

                        Gorō Nyūdō Masamune

                          Thanks guys I will try it. :D

                          Astolfo the Trap of Charl...

                            @bws I wonder :thinking:

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