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Optic 33 . dogplayer-

    What is the best AM build this patch? Considering the enemy has decent physical and magical damage and 2-3 lockdowns.

    I guess its something like

    PMS-> Treads -> BF -> Manta -> Basher -> Ags/linkens -> Finish abyssal -> then butterfly or heart or mkb depending on the game.

    When do you prefer Linkens over ags and why ?? Also when do you get them both ??

    PS: Vlads even necessary?


      PMS ring of health treads BF manta into abyssal/linken/butterfly rest is situational
      Vlad againat axe/LC/when ultra behind/super ahead

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        Agh is only good against few but gamebreaking single target spells and there are no SE carrying hero on the enemy team

        Optic 33 . dogplayer-



            everything after manta is situational, there's no ''best build''

            even some games you get vlads before manta


              Why do you insist on getting either linkens or aghs? Bkb or butterfly is way better i most cases after basher/abyssal or even manta. But as cookie said, there is no best build, it is situational.


                While Aghs looks awesome on paper, Linken's is generally the superior item.

                Slot-efficiency is the big one. On any power-farmer like AM, each item slot must be used effectively. Linken's performs an effectively identical role to Aghs in most cases, but provides more bonuses to AM in a single slot. More stats, regeneration and more utility in the spell-block by potentially casting it on allies.

                If a flash farmer has a cheaper item in a slot, it must be either a transitory item, (PMS and Vlads on AM,) that can be sold later to free up space. Or an item that simply has incredible synergy with the hero and can be used for a long time, (i.e. Armlet on Alchemist.) Aghs is a bit too pricey to be a transitory item, it is meant to be a final slot purchase.

                In some scenarios where Aghs would look prime, say vs a Storm Spirit with Orchid, the long-term benefit isn't as strong. Storm tends to build Linkens which would cancel the reflection, and on top of that AM's core Manta Style, (which is built effectively 100% of the time,) can dispel the debuff anyway. Vs other key channeled lockdowns, such as Fiend's Grip or Dismember, Aghs makes AM start channeling the spell back onto the target, which is almost never a good use of AM's time in a fight. Reflecting LC's Duel back onto her is effectively the same as being Dueled and will usually result in AM dying.

                It has a few niche case scenarios where it would be powerful, such as vs heroes like Lina or Lion, where Lion's powerful CC would CC himself, or Lina's potentially aghs-boosted ultimate hitting her back. But once they've hit themselves once, most heroes will then use alternative means to break your shield, (Lion can quickly Mana Drain for instance,) and work around it.

                tl;dr Linkens is both more universal in application and gives you more bang-for-your-buck in a single slot. Usually get Linkens.


                  mana regen of linkens trumps almost any benefit aghs gives, especially lategame when am will start spamming his active items more often I find myself running out of mana.


                    The thing with Aghs is that you have to be way more careful with popping it, since it can have way more disastrous results.


                      The thing with pringles is once you pop you can't stop .

                      DeAd GaMe

                        Build agh on am vs bloodseaker is too risky.


                          for the storm example isn't it better with aghs since it dispels his linkens anyway?

                          Mr. Merlion

                            Linken vs LC or tb if im not wrong. Agha vs bloodseeker or target spells nukers. Linken and agha are situational. Usually bkb is better if the opponents throws spells.

                            I saw a game where burning am vs miracle invoker and he got hearts instead of bkb. Well he lost that game. Nd to check with the better am players on the forums though. I suck at that hero.

                            The usual standard build is threads bf, manta style then abyssal. 4 core items. Even mkb and bkb are situational.

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                              ring of repick

                              In an awful way

                                Agha is fucking good don't listen to the theorycrafters.

                                Usual build is treads -> bfury -> (vlads if dispel not needed ASAP or if they aren't going to end fast) -> manta -> abyssal -> butter -> whatever luxury item you need.

                                Add in linken/agha when needed vs annoying single target shit. Bkb is generally overrated you want to absorb spells for the boys not let them all hit your allies.

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                                  Agha/linken against BS?
                                  Lol what the fuck

                                  Mr. Merlion

                                    Well u can buy aether lens for am too. The rupture doesnt trigger when u blink with it.

                                    Oh ya agha works against rubrick and silence type heroes too.

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                                      I'd always prefer Linken to Aghs, 1) because i love that item. 2)Because of stats. 3) The utility


                                        The biggest weakness of agh is that it can be disabled by break

                                        Potato Marshal

                                          Pms treads battlefury manta abysal butterfly assault cuirass moonshard


                                            The biggest weakness of agh is that it can be disabled by break

                                            So instead of using a 2k force staff to pop that linkens, you used a 5k gold item to break an ability that grans the aghs bonus. Wow. This is completely irrelevant most of the time.


                                              vladmir for ez player build that


                                                what the fuck is "ez player"

                                                mr/analyse your replays(r...

                                                  Gotta get dat ez player item fam

                                                  mr/analyse your replays(r...

                                                    Three power treads one on agi one on str and one on int to avoid tread switching put three in backpack when shrining vlads for ez player midas for ez gpm and bkb for ez glowing