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General Discussionsome advice need try look at my acc

some advice need try look at my acc in General Discussion
Everything Can Work..

    i need to get high skill or maybe very high skill...

    Positively Negative Player

      rise 3200+ mmr


        No shortcuts are going to help you. All you can do is git gud.


          Look mine 9losing streak but high skill


            Stop using all heroes. You have 1400 games, none with 100 games, 4 with more than 50. You will never be high skill, if you dont find 5-10 heroes you are comfortable with, good with and use those (and find 2-3 roles you are good in).

            Based on your profile, I would suggest go Legion, Axe (off/jungle) PA , Jugg, SK (safe lane) and Timber (off) and spam them in 18 games out of 20.

            Or just dont care about HS/VHS and play as you play - it doesnt matter.. Who needs MMR/HS/VHS.