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    Okay so I Google around quite a bit and searched as much as I could, but got no answer...
    Can someone tell me when you get the points from queue time trivia? I have racked up over 3000 points but even after I find a game and finish it, they don't add up... Do I have to wait till the end of the week?


      just restart dota

      Altered Beast

        Those points are not Battle Pass points. Not directly. There is an achievement that will give you up to 1750 Battle Pass points if you get 10k points in trivia though.


          He meant battle points? well here's the achivement related to trivia

          -250 battle points for 1k trivia points
          -500 battle points for 5k trivia points
          -1000 battle points for 10k trivia points


            Oh ok... so when does it all get tallied?


              whenever you answer a question right u get +100 to your account, it wont disappear and u dont need to earn 10k by one sitting


                Yeah, sorry... I didn't actually see that it was an achievement, not a constantly rewarding quiz... My bad!