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    Uhmm, i just wanna let you know that i just got out in lp then after a few games i got to lp again for abandoning 2 games (had an errand). Now it says i can only queue in Lp matchmaking pool but it doesnt show any number of games to win, does it mean that my account is permanently in LP? can i do something?

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      Win your LP games until you're out and then don't play dota unless you've got 60 min minimum for a game. Even at 60 mins games can go longer ( I ban tinker for that reason)

      Trash TaLk$

        me 2 i abandoned 1 game then won it then abandoned another and it STILL said u have 1 game remaining but then after abandoning another(TOTAL 4 ABANDON) it says YOU WILL ONLY BE MATCHED IN LOW PRIORITY SYSTEM WTF


          ^if u abandon so much then you aer goin to lp. why are u so surprised?


            i think they changed how lp work recently. it counts how much time spent playing not just number of games won


              nice exploit bro

              Dire Wolf

                There's a minimum number of days as well as games now.

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                    Hello Sakuya,

                    the number is there but does not appear properly. If you clicked on international ranked you can see the full text and the number of remaining games.

                    tell me if you find it,