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    So I have been playing dota for almost 2 months now .
    And I am still a level 14 player though. I heard that it's best to get atleast 20 matches of HS before going in the ranked calibration in order to get a higher MMR. You all can see my previous matches and I have knocked games with 'upto 20-1-18 k/d/a and still getting in the normal skill bracket according to dotabuff stats.. really confused on where I am lacking 🙄🤔

    Dota machanic

      There's no way you'll get out of ns when you calibrate if you are new to dota


        its not about how much u can kill


          im also kinda new to dota but i get vhs...well i did played dota on its beta phase and stopped then came back again this year 2017


            see your estimated Mmr in , my bracket is normal skill but opendota estimated my Mmr into 3.6K ! Try it now!


              Dude wtf long way to go. You need at least 3.2K+ Average MMR games.

              Have fun

                I played few matches on 1K mmr last few days using my friend's account and it is just ridiculous throughout the whole match. I got few rampages in that game and seriously u can end the match solo within 20 mins. All the teammates are just garbage, crying for gank and diving for nothing.


                  Get good

                  JOLLY GREEN GIANT

                    avg LH 57 avg gpm 300

                    "why still normal skill"


                      ????? I usually have more last hit while solo supporting
                      Just read that cookie boosting guide on previous threads its quite good for newbies

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                        Why do you think you should be better than most players after 2 months?


                          The skill required to get from 1k to 3k is basically 1k+ matches of experience.

                          This game is not easy.

                          That being said, youre free to use my guide and git gud.

                          You asked the same question as " hey i just got accepted into a college, how do i get a doctor's degree"

                          First finish bachlors, then you can start thinking about docotorate.


                            Thank you for the support guys :')


                              You think too highly of yourself.


                                Genuinely speaking I don't .I never played RTS before this and it's been a short two months I am playing dota . Well who doesn't want to get better . It's just that with me approaching the trophy lvl 50 ..ranked matches will get unlocked and I just wanted to know what would be the best time to calibrate :)
                                Since I don't want to foolishly calibrate at a low MMR


                                  Like I read somewhere that you need atleast 40+ HS/VHS matches before you calibrate .
                                  Then I went through the accounts of few other people .where they are receiving a HS for a relatively low KDA .
                                  I am seriously confused on how this skill bracket works and really want to improve


                                    i calibrated at 2k when i reached trophy level 50 (like a year ago). didnt get past 2.1 back then, no matter how hard i tried.
                                    in january i came back to dota, limited my hero pool, changed my decision making and now i got 600mmr in 3 weeks, 70%ish winrate in 7.05.

                                    now i play what i like to play instead of what i should be playing. i spam tempo controlling heroes. mostly offlaners and roaming supports with a pool of about 5 each. if i am forced to go carry i pick the 2 i like to play, sven and luna. same for support. i try to refuse mid whenever i can, its just not my thing.
                                    playing positions and heroes you dont like to play = lower winrate.
                                    also, after making that decision what heroes to play, watch pro games with them being picked. think about why they make specific decisions.
                                    whenever i think about adding a meta hero to my pool i spam a bunch of botgames to train my muscle memory to at least a basic level, like my legion commander bread and butter combo- Press the Attack, blink, blademail, duel. later i played another 5 games to learn to pop linkens using halbert during that combo. never forget tho, even insane bots are not even close to the level of a real game.

                                    good luck bro! i hope this helps

                                    Miss My Love

                                      I am seriously confused on how this skill bracket works and really want to improve

                                      dude why u care about brackets and skill stuff, u just started playing the game, u dont even know the basics yet, why bothering even reading " next lvl " shiit while the only thing u need to do is PLAY and ADAPT, and if ur brain works u may improve too


                                        uninstall dota


                                          watch purge


                                            Thank you melt for the advice :)
                                            And well just randomly playing well is pointless if I play strategically then it's all the more better


                                              Now why I am stuck in normal skill is a better question. I could be at 70% winrate if I dialed tryhard to max since I am basically being matched with 1ks. The stack I am playing with basically has a 100% winrate too. I could probably win 10 unranked matches straight in under 20m each, and Gaben would still be like "Lol normal skill for you, shitter."


                                              Literally fountain farming before 15 minutes.

                                              @melt you aren't meming enough if you are stuck in 2k. Play greedy shit with iron talon, stack and get gpm. Don't defend tier 2's ever, only t1 mid and t3's. Farm and keep a teleport scroll on you. Buy the teams wards even as pos 1 because your team is too retarded to place them smart. Solo purchase smoke of deciets so you can farm enemy jungle (2ks are literally too retarded to smoke gank... they often auto attack creep waves instantly when they are smoked), and only teleport back to base when enemy is actually starting a teamfight.

                                              Do not EVER play pos 4-5 in 2k, waste of your time; you'd be supporting braindead players less reliable than insane bots. Always pick pos 1-3 who can farm in spite of the enemies ganks and pressure. IF the enemy comp is particularly trash, you can pick a ganker/farmer like doom or legion commander offlane. Otherwise, something like magnus or tidehunter would be better. IF the enemy is REAAALLY bad you can play something like weaver or clinx offlane.

                                              Also, instawin meme picks work too. Bane and PL mid often poop on turbonoobs.

                                              ALSO, clinx build is soul ring >bagde of courage > SEPERATE -12 armor talisman (-19 armor, it stacks), orchid, hpike linkens. I am insulted at the thought of some scrub building radiance on clinx.

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                                                That is precisely the issue I am facing .yes I agree I am pretty new to the dota scene but I fairing pretty good in most of the matches I play but even with a 20-8-20 , lord gaben only keeps in normal skill lol.
                                                And I am really looking forward to know that where I am lacking in .
                                                Like should I farm more? Because my XPM is at 600+ but like my pushing is at 9.28 ..since I am mainly pushing and ganking in the game and my majority source of golds is last kills and ganks .
                                                So if anyone can help me here in apart from what I am already doing is there something which I am missing out?


                                                  Your game knowledge in general is weak, especially if you are using KDR and XPM to guage your effectiveness.

                                                  Just spam firstpick PL mid and in 50 games you should be good enough to carry normal skill games. Normal skill users are trash and will pick 4-5 "counters", lose mid, and spend most of the game trying to gank you, so place the wards, stack and farm ancients. PL can manfight nearly every hero in the game if you bait out their spells wrong, so focus on timing your w endgame. (to erase yourself and dodge berserkers call or something. Zerkers call and jakiro ice have animation, but Earthshaker ult is instant, so try bait his ult out with illusions acting like the real you). What's nice about firstpicking pl is that when they pick 4 counters to you and you get BKB after aghs you can solo 3/5 of their team.

                                                  >qb+stout+salve >boots +bottle +wards > diffusal (diffuse + w +q can farm double ancient stacks)> aghs (waveclear and triple ancient stacks)> maybe bkb >then maybe linkens, manta, skadi, bfly, abysal.

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                                                    @Duster_casting! Yes you are right I have just started off with dota so I am genuinely not really knowledgeable about the game thank you so much for the advice I will surely try it out
                                                    And moreover since I spammed PL in the beginning I am sort of accustomed to it so it won't be a problem :')


                                                      If I were you I'd calibrate that account then probably grind my way up, rather than playing shitstain normal waiting to get HS/VHS because that will never happen, probably you need a thousand more matches


                                                        If you cant gain mmr through play you don't deserve the mmr you think you do.

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                                                          Frankly I don't even deserve the 695 it's showing right now 😂 .I JUST started playing dota .
                                                          I just want to know whether I should calibrate right now and grind my way up? Or should I wait to get into a better "skill bracket" and you know improve my gameplay and then calibrate


                                                            I feel it would be better to calibrate right now and then work my way up?


                                                              Just calibrate dude. As to what cookie always tells, you can literally play 1v9 in less than 3K bracket (well he actually said 5K, but im more comfy saying 3K lul)


                                                                Hahah okay bro thank you so much for the advice 😇


                                                                  You read cookie guide (or just guides). It helps.


                                                                    So I just browsed your matches and here's my thought. You farm inefficiently, which leads to dogshit item timings. 463 GPM on a 12/1/20 clinkz record is just horrendous.


                                                                      you need to know the basic first then move to advance by knowing all the hero concepts and know how powerful or weak they are againts your enemies then if you succeed you'll be moved from normal to normal-high then high to very high.


                                                                        but you wouldn't know diox, you haven't learned the basics.


                                                                          btw you don't need to be vhs its boring there and you need to be very serious to win but normal and high skill are very easy to play but your enemies are harder and twice smarter than normal normal (newbie) skill. valve has 3 stages of skills which there are 10 in dota.


                                                                            Okay .well you are right I used to farm like crazy when I was trying out troll .but I close to stopped farming when I moved to clinkz .
                                                                            Well Ill go with your advice and farm more .hope that helps 🙈


                                                                              said the badger with 1824 Solo MMR


                                                                                said the bearcat with a 60% winrate


                                                                                  Okaaay.. so frankly I need like 12 more matches before I'll be able to calibrate .
                                                                                  So once I hit that mark I should just directly go for calibration?
                                                                                  Or should I wait till I reach say around level 30 and you know generally get to know the game better?


                                                                                    you should probably wait. Unless your getting highskill matches your better off just learning the game. My suggestion is to watch pro games.


                                                                                      listen to him and you'll decrease your mmr to 1k to 3 digit or worst 2 then 1.


                                                                                        So what should I do according to you diox?


                                                                                          And yess I am watching pro matches .or those ones going live on dota 2(watch) with a high avg mmr


                                                                                            learn them yourself. you don't even know how the mouse moves and what are they pressing. you'll be like studying but not putting it in your head or working at starbucks or macdonalds and your costumer is saying I'll take number 6b, 7b, 5a, 2d, 9s or pumpkin, ketchup, coffee, peanuts, icecream and your like you don't understand and *huh kill me*.


                                                                                              Haha lol ofc I am not "only" watching games 😂 I have played around 120 matches in the past month


                                                                                                Dude you understood me wrong. Even your troll matches has fucked up GPM. You should at least average 700GPM per game on your bracket


                                                                                                  Okaay now I get it.
                                                                                                  I had this idea (might be completely bonkers but yeah)
                                                                                                  Since I haven't really played a lot of matches (relatively)
                                                                                                  Won't it be better if I just make a new account and well use all the tips you guys have given me and you know create a stronger account .
                                                                                                  Since if you see my first three matches I sucked really bad (0-18-3) kind of bad
                                                                                                  Would his new account thing be a good idea?


                                                                                                    Play around 500 match first if you really want to calibrate high in new account . When i start playing dota i just play casualy & never give a shit about mmr . Its rare to see "new" player care so much about mmr . Anyway just play the game and you will improve naturaly like any other normal person


                                                                                                      Yeah I guess you are right .I am just thinking too much at the wrong time 😂


                                                                                                        Nah. Just stay on that account. If you care too much about calibrating at low mmr then probably play normal til you reach HS, which would probably take 1K matches