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General DiscussionWhat to do when my team resist to push?

What to do when my team resist to push? in General Discussion
    Luna and PA literally jungled for 40 minutes in the game
    just how to win this kind of game?

    not arin

      threaten running down mid
      do it eventually

      doesnt work most of the times but i dont think there's any other way


        you want to force a push against a techie???


          how many gems did you lose?


            @cookie actually in that game techies accumulate nearly nothing for their team why? I destroy every ward i see he's so mad at me how did i do that? simple a 100 blue ward is cheap and my 4 sec cd on ward is good enough


              No gems, no gem holder since viper and I are the only one pushing and ember spirit just comes when we die and enemy got 20% hp left