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General DiscussionIs jungling the way to go?

Is jungling the way to go? in General Discussion
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    I seem to see a lot of players just jungle, get a midas, and shitstomp the enemies. Thoughts?

    solo deadlane pls

      Licetea is in LP and according to him his attitude has degenerated.

      Worth a try just jungling tho


        It's not about the jungle
        It's about being able to win
        Suit yourself and find your comfort playstyle

        1-IceTea 🌟

          I just trolling ad throw because I met someone play like that in my rank game.
          I've become the one I dislike,I will meditate today and not playing Dota and get to the righteous path again.

          As my sincere answer Jungle is only available in a certain line up,and you need teammate that can hold the game before you farm out.Midas jungle is even taking more time/space as you need longer time to catch up the item gap with all the space teammate c8 for you.
          But in your mmr range,anything can work


            its viable, but be prepared to be flamed and reported
            just dont afk jungle the whole game


              jungle is of course good way to go, but if you jungle to go midas? really?
              you need to make your heroe viable in team fights as fast as possible, if you are not jungle with split push hero, midas is insta fail in jungle.

              Snug as a gun

                Jungling is a genius strategy only the true 6k mmr players have unlocked.


                  Jungling is amazing

                  At getting you to low priority


                    It's definitely not an every game thing.


                      Not when your team picks say Luna, Cm, SF, Lich and they go shadowblade rush legion jungle

                      BENNI MAGNUSSON

                        yes, learn to play enchantress or chen.
                        viable junglers

                        and good jungling includes as much ganking as afk jungling

                        Dire Wolf

                          Idk sometimes at 3k jungling seems like the way to go cus supports are retards and don't secure lanes and enemies never punish junglers. For instance your team picks like dazzle to support your spectre safe lane, enemy team offlanes axe + undying and push your shit in, while your passive windranger offlane doesn't do shit and enemy team jungles a wraith king who gets more farm than you in safe. It happens a lot.


                            1-4k jungling is really good. 4k+ it starts to get really weird and you get into LP alot . LUL

                            Joe Jackson

                              icetea is a god

                              Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                Jungling is nice, but select the best hero for it. And as a jungler, never go last pick.