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Rip Smurfs (Ranked games now need phone number :D ) in General Discussion
ţhέ đᗫᗫøñ

    New Update ask's peoples to add a phone number so they can play ranked mmr games.Rip Smurf acc plays Kappa


      i have 4 phone numbers, no problems on my 4 accounts


        this one is even better

        "With the return of the Solo Queue, solo players who enter Ranked Matchmaking can now choose to be matched only with other solo players. Any player who selects this option will be placed into matches where all ten players are queuing solo."

        tnx valve.


          i have 4 phone numbers, no problems on my 4 accounts

          your move Gaben

          ţhέ đᗫᗫøñ

            Well yeah i mean 4 numbers are enough :D.Deff a good thing with the return of solo queue


              My phone is broken
              Is it need any verification?


                @carmilla, nope.

                ţhέ đᗫᗫøñ

                  @carmilla nah with what i checked its the number that you have provided on steam no other verification needed.


                    i reported so many bots game on india server and valve listened. But it removed the whole server from ranked hahahah.

                    Solo que and party que is best thing to happen


                      And the reason why people never played ranked on india server is because it is highly unstable, valve hasnt done anything for it till now


                        @Carmilla you do have to enter a verification code so you need to at least be able to recieve texts.

                        Savvy Cat

                          So the half a dozen Steam Guards on my phone are obsolete?

                          ţhέ đᗫᗫøñ
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                              i dont think so. you stil need it for trading in market.


                                Btw they shouldve made it non compulsory for players who have more than one paid game(or certain amount spent on games) on steam acc. This will help young players who donthave personal phones. Usually account seller wont sell with other paid games


                                  "this one is even better
                                  "With the return of the Solo Queue, solo players who enter Ranked Matchmaking can now choose to be matched only with other solo players. Any player who selects this option will be placed into matches where all ten players are queuing solo."
                                  tnx valve.!"
                                  I cant find that option, for me its still just ranked as usuall, cant choose "only with other solo players"? Anyone know how to?

                                  Altered Beast

                                    Who cares about MM when the game itself is so shitty.

                                    Rektdalf the White

                                      It's in advanced options in menu - miscellaneous - strict solo ranked matchmaking.


                                        @Mah_Leymons Why is it shitty?

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                                        ţhέ đᗫᗫøñ

                                          Well prepaid numbers are an abuse tho but still thats a step towards no smurfs and account buyers :)


                                            I have 5000+ hours in dota. I bought a lot of tournament tickets and battle passes, but from now on i have te quit dota. No respect of personal information at all. I would even prefer to pay for games, but not to give MY FUCKING PERSONAL NUMBER!!!



                                              You already have to give your personal number if you have Steam Mobile Guard.


                                                Of course I don't have steam mobile guard. I hate Valve for making me getting back to dota 1

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                                                  so you think google,microsoft,facebook does not ?



                                                    He's just stupid, apparently


                                                      valve isnt gonna share your mobile number with anyone. how is that violation of your personal freedom. It is checking your identity simple as that. There are thousand of places where you give your phone number. Which are way unsafe than valve.

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                                                      RO is Back

                                                        ^That guy probably thinks the earth is flat.


                                                          WP VOLVO COMMENDED



                                                            Dire Wolf

                                                              So like everyone in sea and china have mobile phones? Serious question. I mean I know in rich western countries 10 year olds have iPhones but will this impact other regions? Peru?


                                                                Now the demands for sim cards and smartphones will escalate unexpectedly.


                                                                  Cell phones in general are a huge invasion of privacy, as well as something that can desensitize people to reality. The few men I know use their cell phone (if they have them) only in emergencies are by far the most down to earth, empathetic, and logical people i know. I do not have a cell phone, facebook acc, or any other type of social networking (except for a few forums and email).

                                                                  I also resent Valve for trying to force this upon people. It is a great idea as far as marketing to the public (and their general hate for smurfers), but it is terribly lacking in its respect for those who have no phones including;
                                                                  A) people with strong principles against cell phones + social media accounts
                                                                  B) those who cannot afford to have cell phones (primarily outside of US - seeing as our all-wise government has deemed it a f*cking "RIGHT" to have a cell phone).

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                                                                    Dude Dota isnt a neccesity for survival. If you dont want to give cellphone number dont play ranked. If it was question of mans basic necessity your argument had some weightage but not in this case and please dont argue just for sake of argument. Its not a public service they are providing, they have right to have their say in their game.

                                                                    People who cant afford to have cellphone usually cant afford regular and good internet connection either. so your second point is complete nonsense.
                                                                    There are tons of cheap cellphone available in market but the cost of running high speed internet is the real expense they cant afford

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                                                                      Those who can't afford cell phones includes people who play at cyber caffe's, as well as most children (or kids 10-15) whose parents don't believe they should have a cell phone at a young age (or anyone in the world having access to their child).

                                                                      Also, it is very foolish for DotA to force me to stop playing ranked matchmaking (the best measurement of skill and improvement) because i have standards and principles that are different than the majority.


                                                                        People who play at cyber cafe?
                                                                        ok let me do maths for you.
                                                                        i live in india, cyber cafe that lets you do gaming cost 30bucks/hour. so 2 hour gaming = 60bucks/day and 1800 ruppess /month. you can buy a nice cellphone at 2k rupee. monthly charge of internet will cost 390. limited data pack.
                                                                        A poor persons priorityi sto eat which cost 2k max

                                                                        second, as for childrens are concerned yes that is correct, but that doesnt have to anything to do with the argument of privacy.

                                                                        What ic an infer from your last statement is that you never share your phone number to anyone except your close relatives, right?
                                                                        How on earth to do you avail different services. Have you ever booked a hotel room? Have you ever ordered a pizza?
                                                                        and let me rephrase your privacy is violated when valve wouldve made your phone number public. which it is not

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                                                                          India? Well the explains your total lack of concern about privacy or individuality.

                                                                          Cell phones in general are an invasion of privacy. Wikileaks just posted about how the CIA and Apple were working together - collecting information gathered from iPhones (illegally?).
                                                                          I do not have a cell phone at all. That is how much I value my privacy.
                                                                          Just because you do not value your privacy does not mean that I must stop valuing my own.
                                                                          And I live in America where Cyber Caffes often let you play for a dollar or two an hour - also, I hear that in the SEA region, it costs a similar (ratio wise) amount.

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                                                                            i think kids 10-15 will probably ruin matchmaking simply because they are not adult enough to be reasonable person , and unranked dota is still pretty competitive ( i almost only play unranked)

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                                                                              Seems like a reasonable move for Valve to protect the integrity of the game they let us play for free. Might take some tweaking or alternative arrangements for under 18 year olds and poor people. I assume they have an option to call a home phone for those without cell phones but I haven't seen it yet.


                                                                                What's stopping me from inputting random numbers from my phone book?


                                                                                  Cellphone in general are invasion of privacy i know. and dont talk like a racist retard to me ive done more activism than a typical internet troll like you who doesnt understand the concept of privacy.

                                                                                  a dollar is less for you not for us. or in sea. go and read economics and check exchange rate ffs.

                                                                                  As for privacy is concerned It is aperson choice how much information they want to make public and not.
                                                                                  You believe in absoulte freedom which is impossible as well as counter productive for society. Dont throw your opinion on others like a typical american


                                                                                    PS. It is not a public service valve is providing. They have a right to control their game. If you are so much concerned about your privacy and all cia snooping on you then dont play dota like you dont use cellphone. Your fundamental right arent being violated

                                                                                    Dire Wolf

                                                                                      Enjoy living in 1990 I guess snu. Let me grab you a tin foil hat while we're at it.

                                                                                      Cell phones can be great tools or abused, just like every other piece of tech. Only pointing out some not so valid anyway negatives is pretty shortsighted.


                                                                                        @ggwp, I'd appreciate it if you'd read what I said before responding.
                                                                                        America is all about throwing opinion's at each other - which is what I am doing.
                                                                                        Also, Valve does have a right to do whatever they want with their game. I am just asking them to find a better solution than cell phone number. IP address, MAC address or smth of the sort would be much better. My fundamental right to privacy is something that I have to safeguard myself - seeing as my government doesn't do it for me; as a matter of fact, the government wants to take away my right to privacy COMPLETELY (if they could).


                                                                                          No phone in 2017, I don't even have a landline anymore, how the fuck do you exist in modern life?


                                                                                            @Dire, the abuse does not just come from the individual - but also the government and cellular service providers. Also, I know that there are great things about cell phones - the ability to call for emergencies (and similar matters). My privacy is important enough to me that I have found ways of surviving well enough without a cell phone. I do not ask you (or anyone) to do the same.


                                                                                            and my outrage ATM is not just with cell phones:

                                                                                            I understand that privacy is less and less a concern of today's people (generally speaking). It is, however, still a huge concern of some. I think DotA should take that into consideration and use other methods (rather than making someone be dishonest by fooling the system or just using someone else's number or just do without entirely).

                                                                                            It is also amusing to me that those who do not get cell phones (for generally GOOD reasons) are regarded with such little respect.

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                                                                                              How about this for logic:
                                                                                              Not all people have a cell phone.
                                                                                              All people who play computer games - will be playing them ON a computer? So maybe using a MAC address (a computer specific code) for activated Ranked Play in DotA is a reasonable (if not better) solution?

                                                                                              1-IceTea 🌟

                                                                                                ^I respect you for walking your path.

                                                                                                But you have to respect Valve that this is their game,they can do whatever they want


                                                                                                  I respect Valve, I am just asking that they don't make me cheat the system. I will by all means tie my DotA account to my older friends cell phone (who doesn't use Steam). I would rather not cheat, TBH - as it convicts me personally.


                                                                                                    What's stopping me from inputting random numbers from my phone book?

                                                                                                    Because changing PCs and net cafe is still a thing


                                                                                                      Read other article too mate. I'm trying to keep an open mind on a better solution (of which, I am sure there is one).
                                                                                                      Like a combination of IP + MAC filtering.


                                                                                                        If you guys value your privacy, why are you playing a proprietary game?