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    im so freaking tired man i lost too much mmr playing support xD its pretty retarded imo should i stop picking sp?

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      just pick imba supports and only when ur below avg mmr = ez game impact


        It's possible.

        can't escape from crossin...

          Untiltable Player

          Dota machanic

            If you got to your mmr only supporting you won't be able to carry. Practice carry on a lower mmr acc first


              Supporting 4k is eziest time of my life.

              Maybe you just suck at supporting, or don't pick good support heroes.

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              A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                YEP IT IS IMPOSSIBLE
       look at this game i just played slark is too stubborn to adjust and buy bkb
                roaming 4 mk here i got first blood and went 2-0-2 eary game best game of my life

                5.2k peak to 4.4k 2 games away from 4.3k seemsgood

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                A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                  @snu i am confidently 100% im above average support

                  A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                    you just cant win with baboons who farms lane when 5 or just axe lc is missing and blames the wards when they are clearly out of positon


                      oh yea bby proving a point with anecdotes excellent choice sir hashtag lets get retarded

                      A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                        how can u know the little details of why we clearly lost if u are just looking at the match page?

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                          same with me
                          i only hate when i suport and carry die solo and get mad and buyback which is common in 4k

                          idk bro maybe spamm dual oflane slardar and legion u wont win all games but most will for sure

                          A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                            yep i came to the conclusion that i must get core no matter what

                            ez Art

                              Support is the best, sometimes you win games solo on the early too by providing the carry just that space he needed. Your efforts may be unnoticed at the end :)


                                Supporting is less tiring than playing carry tho

                                Jack Attack

                                  I love supporting and do it quite well. When carries die. You guys die for a million years. Support? Only a few seconds respawn time. And you have all this freedom to walk around the map just because you want to. No commitments to xp or last hitting. Support life is nice.

                                  Gabba Gabba

                                    "@snu i am confidently 100% im above average support"

                                    well didnt volvo say the average mmr is like 3k? so technically youre better than the average automatically but that doesnt mean your better than the average support at your mmr

                                    A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                                      no u just cant win with baboons as your cores. how can u win if they dont know how to siege properly, when to rosh, how to force bb and back and farm safely and not dying. all this little things u gonna notice in game


                                        hold their hands and direct them if u have to

                                        edit: 4ks just need to be directed to rosh and occasionally to push as a team, I'm a mic user and I think it hleps when I play in that bracket

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                                        A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                                          @endless i do communicate but i dont have a mic. some people here just have too much ego and dont listen to others

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                                            ur also in sea which I hear is high in that big ego and not listening garbage. pretty much all u can do is play/pick better than enemy support because they get as many baboon carries as u do

                                            in practice it gets really frustrating when nobody has saved buyback as core 4 games in a row and people are buying random mkbs and other garbage itemization like bkb against all physical damage and no stuns

                                            A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                                              sigh idk playing a game rn and we got a jungle drow i feel so sad

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                                                  "holy shit i don't have 70% winrate as support my cores suck i must play only core now!!!"

                                                  so that's the thought flow of core-only morons it seems :thinking:

                                                  nothing suspicious here

                                                    Play roamer, not Support im very successfull with pudge and ck roam lately 4500 mmr.


                                                      That is sooooooo much bullshit, i boost in 4-5 with support.

                                                      Its way easier than carry

                                                      BENNI MAGNUSSON

                                                        Well, i just notice that you win most games where you play simple supports like lich.

                                                        but you keep playing complicated supports like earthspirit, IO and rubick where you loose almost all games with them.

                                                        stop trying to be a pro and stay with the easier supports to play that have a high impact.

                                                        just play fucking treant, bash offlaners head in. or CM for teamfights and aura, or pudge so that you can make the enemies fear early and hurt their farming. you see what im trying to say

                                                        dont know why you keep playing ES when you loose almost all games. you're from SEA, but you're not TNC.tims ok?

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                                                          wat? impossible? im climbing from 3,6 to 4,4 by spamming support. just trust ur fcking core player.


                                                            Playing support is so much fun

                                                            A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                                                              holy shit some people dont get the point. It's already a known fact that u are limited to certain job by playing support: setting up the team for SUCCESS. whether its pressure/contesting a lane or just passively sitting behind a core ITS YOUR ONLY JOB. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO DESTROYING THE ENEMY ANCIENT which is certainly out of your reach doing all u can disabling silencing warding timing rosh eulsing axe or whatever its all up to the cores in the end and when they suck too bad -25 for you even though you did your job and you gave them the means but they deciding to meme.


                                                                then pick psition 4 lesh lol


                                                                  It will take longer time for sure but it's possible
                                                                  But still you can have shitton of impact on the early game
                                                                  Also leadership is a thing


                                                                    wow its not like when ur supports are garbage u also cant do shit as core because all lanes are lost and u are suer behind and enemy supports have the nw of ur pos2 or smth

                                                                    SUP ONLY

                                                                      I agree 100%, but shitty support players ruin more games than cores imo

                                                                      A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                                                                        @endless might be gud wud try that lol

                                                                        @fakecutnpaste leadership is a thing when u are playing with regular people not primates who are lord of the egos

                                                                        @russianname thats why i love playing supports because i want to set up my team to win but as i said cant do anythign if they suck.



                                                                          A shitty support can be a hinderence to a team but if your core still farms like crazy, can carry you to victory. Cores (most)can hit buildings
                                                                          A shitty core will be feeding more gold per death and you can have the best supports ever but won't take objectives. Unless its some kinda pugna, jack, lesh combo of shitting on buildings..

                                                                          Shitty Core is worse then shitty supports.

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                                                                            i am saying there are more shitty support players than cores the fact that a shitty support can even win games is just depressing, only thing you can do is report

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                                                                              Lol all I do is ward and roam
                                                                              Still got called as pro support on my bracket rofl gud shit


                                                                                @ strawberry (lul)

                                                                                Yes, but I had the choice between two crappy players, Id take a bad sup over a bad core. At least you can win.

                                                                                Its depressing yes, but it speaks to the fact that a carry is called the carry for a reason. Given the gold and items its able to carry to victory.
                                                                                supports can't do that. They do not scale as well with items.


                                                                                  u can definitely win with crappy cores and good supports ive been carried multiple times by some supp venge who just goes like 3/0/10 10 mins or some shit while i was playing like a complete moron



                                                                                    yes, that was a good situation where venge can semi carry yet still support.
                                                                                    I was thinking along the lines of like a disrupter etc...
                                                                                    where they can have a big impact but cant take towers worth a damn

                                                                                    Story Time

                                                                                      if u cant support ur way to 5k, it does not mean that it is impoossible

                                                                                      1-IceTea 🌟

                                                                                        Peeple in SEA hardly listen to call because of kappa pride.

                                                                                        Come party with me,you need to be released from thouse bad teammate and enjoy Dota back once more


                                                                                          holy shit ure actually dense as fuck frog guy, it doesn;t matter whether its a venge or disruptor or whatever u defs can carry a game as a support and every fucking player on this earth was carried by their support at least once while they performed poorly


                                                                                            ooo Someone is a little salty. Simmer down now, no need to resort to swears on the internet.

                                                                                            Can we agree that a farmed venge will do a better job at carrying the team to victory then a farmed disruptor? i
                                                                                            Yes I've had a support Kunnka who started as a roaming sup and ended up being a the most farmed person (core), getting some crits and rapier and winning the game.

                                                                                            Or do you mean, the support "carries" but owning the enemy team so hard that your hardcarry who sucks but will eventually gets so farmed they just attack move the ancient and win? That I can agree with.

                                                                                            A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                                                                                              u cant win with crappy cores. u can win with players who played poorly early but u cant play with players who doesnt know to do and what they are doing aka they suck


                                                                                                a support doesn't win because he plays good, he wins because he makes his team play good.

                                                                                                tldr analyse some high mmr support games and re-create that.

                                                                                                Story Time

                                                                                                  op has no clue about supporting :) pls dont support if u dont know how, thank you

                                                                                                  A CUT ABOVE THE REST

                                                                                                    @story time LOL mr silencer spammer u talking trash while havent even reached 5k while supporting

                                                                                                    @cookie what do you mean how can u make your team play good as i said even if u did all you can its up to the cores to win the game for you lol


                                                                                                      I think most of EU players and NA players don't realize that there are differents behavior in each zone, it's a fact that in EU and NA most of players really wants to win and push foward the game, even if they don't know how to play, at least they try to hear advices. In South America and SEA they don't. If they are mad, or in a bad day, they will make you lose a game on purpose. I prefer to play pos 4 -3 because it's a little more independant from other positions and you can make a ton of impact playing those two positions, even in late game.


                                                                                                        by setting them up and making sure they don't mess up.

                                                                                                        their success is dependent only on what you provide them, not their skill.

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