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Never flamed anyone before in General Discussion

    lp and a mute in one fell swoop


      guess you pwned too many salty noobs and got yourself reported....

      sux to be gud!


        thank the low skill players reporting you for not carrying

        Gabba Gabba

          Cant report the enemy team.... You were salty af at one point or you fed.... somewhere down the line your own team reported you



            Terrible Murderer

              either this or you cant tell diffrence between flaming and talking

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                i didnt get conduct summary yet but i'm pretty sure i was reported last 3 games altho we won and i had most gpm and avoided ganks, just because i didnt rape mid and went jungle after i saw 3 guys on mid but fuck me for not dying 6 times against roamers like they would


                  this is rather unfortunate


                    I think it became three times as easy to get low priority now.

                    1. The report sensitivity change making it more likely that a reported user be sent to low priority
                    2. You can now report people for multiple offenses, not just intentional feeding, but communication abuse as well, or all 3.

                    Good news is that salty enemies can't report you anymore, so that's good.


                      @ Yorkey

                      Yes I forgot about that change.

                      To be honest I don't 100% agree with it, I mean I get that it now stops the situation where you own someone and they report you just cause.... But many a times I have had some toxic, ass clown on the enemy team who fed me a free win with running down mid courier feeding etc. to turn around and next game have that same dickhead on my team. Yes I get to report him after they throw that game, but it would be nice to toss out my report on him to help ensure they end up in LP before I have them on my team.

                      I can sympathize with the enemy team when they have some toxic dink and I am always happy to report someone who throws super hard because I know full well they could be on my team the next game, or maybe in 3 games etc.

                      Can't do that now.... just commend your enemy I guess. I'm probably a small minority of players who has this view.




                          fuck my life to be honest
                          Death Simulator 2017


                            relax, its only a game

                            Simple minded dota player

                              Don't worry valve knows what they are doing, you can tell by the patches they've released, the report system, and them paying more attention to the arcanas on heroes.


                                Omg noob ks reported


                                  When you kick their ass real bad!! Reports+LP


                                    I usually never flame, in fact I'm somewhat of a fucking saint in my games even if my brain is about to explode from anger, though today I let out a good fat "fuck you" to enemy when they said "gg, ff" thanks to my head hurting, shit games beforehand and things adding up, but thankfully I've never experienced LP and only once did I have 3 reports in my summary.

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