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I FINALLY DID IT! in General Discussion

    I finally got into a highskill game!
    Everything was going well, i was top of networth... then Steam crashed, i started it again and it took more than 5 minutes for some steam validation shit... Well after 140 games (two or three games before i hit lvl 20) i got my first abandon and maybe my first reports because of a Steam bug. Guess i have to play normal again... FML

    Best part, if my team hadnt sold my items we would have won.

    PS: Wonder what will happen to my behavior score... Guess it wont stay above 9k :/


      i have many very high skill account, btw


        give him a bow


          Add me on Steam, if you seek for a VHS account, I'll give you this one for free:


            Some games labelled high skill even you are below 3k if someone from your team and enemy team has hidden high mmr.


              @vertoxity let me experience the VHS too dude. Thanks!


                VHS a.k.a 3.7k isn't even top 20% of the game
                And I doubt top 1% is actually THAT good in a game


                  Woah, i just had my very first vhs game ever! Right after the abandon... seems like tahts the trick! volvo pls...

                  Farm then Carry



                      You can't lose the battle if you leave the battle


                        a glitch in the matrix hue hue the game's normal skilled.

                        Bumpy Johnson

                          cucked by valve


                            theres been a lot of weird shit going on w valves servers


                              yea volvo cucked me there with the vhs. first calibration game... 2.9k

                              ayye fam

                                High Skill is around 3750+ MMR


                                  u need abandoning the games 2 get hs lol

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                                    Add me on Steam, if you seek for a VHS account, I'll give you this one for free:

                                    can you add me please. i somehow cant.

                                    Dodong Bot

                                      Good for you ^^

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