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    Ur thoughts?

      Razer DeathAdder


        zowie / deathadder / steelseries rival/ any new gen logitech mouse. it all comes down to preference nowadays since the accel in previous gen mouse are fixed.

        Ultimately gaming mouse doesnt matter much its pretty much all the same sensors, what is going to matter is how much you practice aiming. Buying a gaming mouse won't make you any better unless you use wireless mouse that loses battery during game like laviolette.

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        Pale Mannie

          The best mouse to get 9k instantly


            logitech g502

            one syllable anglo-saxon

              Genius NetScroll 120 of course.

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                  mx518 boys


                    I use Steelseries Rival 10 PC Bang


                      I think it comes down to preference when you're talking about the best of the best mice. I use a Corsair M65 with the weights out and I have small hands. Just get what is comfortable and has the features you want. Almost all newer mice that are decent are using the new optical sensors (can't remember their names).


                        razer deathadder


                          2000+ dpi and 5 Buttons thats all u need.


                            Its honestly personal preference. DPI doesn't mean anything.

                            I loved the SteelSeries Sensei mouse for a while, but I decided I wanted to try something new, and got the Razer Deathadder Chroma, I liked the feel of it most, and thats saying a lot because for me personally, I'm not much a fan of Razer products.


                              death adder is nice. you dont need a bunch of side buttons in dota i dont think


                                razer naga hex = 10k mmr

                                >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                                  Razer naga hex = ftw


                                    my mouse.


                                      deathadder chromo ensure


                                        nothing fancy, logitech g400, mx518 etc

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                                          Could i have a comparision so tht it wud be easier to choose? Thanks

                                          LP SAMURAI

                                            rival 100 here, pretty good one for dota

                                            a boy from Uzbekistan

                                              im using a Razer Taipan, its pretty good been using it for 3 years with 0 problems

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                                                Which mouse is the most comfortable and durable? I don't really want the fancy lighting or a lot of buttons.


                                                  U need 5/6 Buttons trust me.
                                                  Once u have it u never want to miss it again.


                                                    I need more buttons. I don't know how ppl play this game with only 2 extra ones in the side

                                                    Dire Wolf

                                                      It's like asking what the best car is. Some are definitely better than others but in the end it's preference

                                                      stupid fuck 2000

                                                        I'm using a logitech g602. It does fine, don't feel like I could ask for smth more.


                                                          Razor Nagaaaaaaaa


                                                            people who use gaming gear are so dumb


                                                              I use the Logitech G 600. The extra buttons are just too gud. Inventory is placed on 1-6. Rest is controlgroups. Although a better mouse wont gif you 1k mmr more.

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                                                              Eternal Meow

                                                                Comfort depends on the size of your hand and how you prefer gripping the mouse, so it would vary by person.

                                                                Livin' Real Good

                                                                  Logitech G400-600 series.

                                                                  I think an MMO mouse is probably the best due to all the button options, so something like the G600 from Logitech is probably good, I use the G402 Hyperion fury which is godlike on CS and any FPS, but okay on MOBAS.

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                                                                    to the razer recommendations: i dunno, i have a razer keyboard (blackwidow chroma) and mouse (imperator) and they both suck imho; i would never buy another razer product again.

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                                                                    Casual orchestra enjoyer

                                                                      SteelSeries Rival 300. 2 extra buttons on the side which are large enough for you NOT to miss

                                                                      South East Asia Numba Wan

                                                                        CD-R KING ALL DAY ERRYDAY

                                                                        Gratis Ongkir

                                                                          Razer Deathadder if you hav big/medium hand size, been using for 6 years by now and it's still working fine, only had a repair for double click issue 2 years ago but heck 4 years without problem is still something