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    @gotguap for sure divine up

      Hey guys. Most of my games are in hs but rarely I get normal skill. I used to have some vhs games before but lately it's mostly hs.

      I'm well over 100 hours, what is your mmr prediction for this account.

      @dehj high ancient low divine imo

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        more predictions for my medal please haha

        Ryoumen Sukuna

          @-dehj alright, if you wanna know, I would say you're now at ancient 2 bracket. Windranger pos 4 and buying orb of corrosion, rarely check runes for mid.


            appreciate you @ryoumen


              My 1st 3 games were HS and all of the rest are VHS . I have 44.04% winrate and 5 hours to go so i can play ranked. What do u guys think ?
              Should i first get to at least 50% winrate or i can go now ?
              When playing solo i was paired against a divine 3 ,but they were 2-man party.
              Earlier when i started i was playing a lot against immortals 600 rank and won all of the games.


                Hello im new to dota but people say im playing like divine support predict my first rank? thanks! :D


                  @flug 2.8k


                    @flug You have almost just a few high skill games, most of them are normal. You are lucky if you get Archon 1. My prediction is crusader 4.

                    Silly Midlane Player

                      hi predict my mmr plz .


                        @silly it's too early for an accurate prediction. Right now you are around archon

                        random guy

                          predict mine pls


                            @ random guy - High legend low ancient

                            My Little KOHN

                              народ а подскажите какого хрена мне ставит вхс но потом спускает до нормал счкила?

                              uncle roger

                                predict mine please!


                                  @faker low ancient so far


                                    I just wanna ask. Can u guys tell me how to avoid PIGNOYS player so I can play dota with peace of mind. No throwers. No blamers. No feeding ward and cour.



                                      check this game out EG vs A-team

                                      Crimson Rain

                                        @we are electric, since your account seems like it's not been used much, I'm guessing perhaps you're a returning player? Normal skill games for the most part. And you're spamming only a few heroes with high winrates. You're either smurfing on this account or you're new. But regardless, the account is probably around 2k bracket.

                                        I'd say predict mine but dotabuff literally tells you. So tell me where my page looks like it is at, if you don't look at the rank lul


                                          is too short (minimum is 6 characters)is too short (minimum is 6 characters)is too short (minimum is 6 characters)is too short (minimum is 6 characters)is too short (minimum is 6 characters)


                                              Hello good man.
                                              Thank you for giving some time to read this note about me and my plans for you, or maybe you will like it and I can become part of you plans :D.
                                              So, lets start:
                                              My name is Marko aka. Lem0N (LmN).
                                              I am 25 years old and I am coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
                                              I have been in DotA since patch 6.36b which was released 13+ years from now. True long Pub (mostly) and team carrier I offten been playing positon 4 heroes, but I can play also mid in some situations and very good postion 5 player.
                                              I am not going to speak much about all heroes except one,but lets just mention few of them:


                                              Earth Shaker
                                              Elder Titan




                                              Ancient Apparition
                                              Bat Rider
                                              Crystal Maiden
                                              Void Spirit
                                              Wynter Wyvern
                                              Witch Doctor

                                              Yeah, I know, long list of them :D

                                              And now is the time for last one and most amazing caracter from all games, EARTH SPIRIT!

                                              To see more about him, here is a link where you can Watch it;




                                              4. HARDCORE KILLS

                                              5.TEAM TACTICS

                                              6.FULL MATCHES 20 minutes VIDEOS

                                              If you found your self here, I am glad and wellcome to add me on my Steam Profiile : 384740401

                                              More Info We will Speak on Discord.

                                              Thank you for reading and supporting Me and my hard work.

                                              "Omnia mutantur, nihil interit."


                                                Can anyone predict this acc? thanks in advance


                                                  i literally shidded and farded in the toilet, unironically


                                                    predict my mmr pls thank you in advance

                                                    Liquid Swords

                                                      Judging by the name "MID OR JUNGLE LC" and your previous match performance I'd say maybe 2.5k probably closer to 2k though.


                                                        There's a lot of new accounts recently, damn


                                                          I predict the person below me is Archon V

                                                          Torreno- dota2ac¢ounts.cоm

                                                            take the prediction out of the calibration - let us help you and we will make sure to win 7 games out of 10 for you.

                                                            sad sadistick23

                                                              predict my mmr plss arigatouuu <3